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"I Call Fives Review"

Hyper–catchy and highly caffeinated, New Jersey’s I Call Fives are light on their feet and clearly smitten with sunny pop–punk, all blurred drums and zippy riffs. Vocalist James Corbi has the affable yelp down pat, and his lyrics are as universal as any band with a teenage audience could hope for. Just out on Rochester’s small Open Your Eyes label, the First Things First EP is over before we know it, a jittery collection of high–flying choruses and crescendos. Considering their next two shows after this one are at—no kidding—a roller rink and a bowling alley, these dudes definitely know how to have fun. - Philadelphia Weekly Online

"I Call Fives Interview"

I Call Fives was featured in the May 2008 issue of Scene Trash Magazine, which is currently out of print. - Scene Trash Magazine

"First Things First Review"

New Jersey natives I Call Fives offer up a style of pop-punk that have become increasingly popular in the past couple of years. You know the type. Fast and melodic punk meets bubblegum pop. The results are undoubtedly catchy, but it's a sound that is quickly becoming supersaturated. Thankfully, I Call Fives don't rely on neon-splattered logo t's and out of place hardcore breakdowns to get fans; and that is something that I admire.

Instead, I Call Five give us the infectious sing-alongs of “My Last Mistake” that bring to mind the early New Found Glory catalog mixed with a dash of the emo-leanings of Saves the Day. Cuts like “Twelve Credits Short” and “This Song is So…2006” bring to mind the days of the circa-2000 Drive-Thru Records catalog. So listening to this record is a bit nostalgic in that aspect.

First Things First is a pretty good debut effort. I can definitely find myself listening to this record when I need something upbeat to put me in a good mood… well of course that's if I can't find my New Found Glory CD's. Nevertheless, I can easily see them blowing up with the right exposure. - scenepointblank

"First Things First Review"

My main contention with this newer era of New Found Glory-influenced pop-punk bands actually tends to lie, more than anything, in the vocalists. It seems like a singer is really just making or breaking it for me. I love Set Your Goals' dual style but I can't stand Fireworks' poor Jordan Pundik impression. Title Fight's got a great dynamic approach but This Time Next Year's overproduced front bums me out. I Call Fives lie somewhere in the middle.

They fit this group incredibly well, as their First Things First EP sounds like Cartel's first EP sent five years forward through the time of bands like All Time Low and the Maine. The production is absolutely sparkling -- courtesy of Valencia Recording Studio (All Time Low) -- but the execution is modest enough to avoid being overbearing. The lyrics certainly aren't brilliant, but there's bits of creativity in here, like the subtle tempo changes in "My Last Mistake" and "Coast to Coast." The gang shouts are minimal and actually pretty tasteful when applied.

Their vocalist does have a very questionable delivery, though. There's a level of nasality that just misses being too much and I can't tell if it's simply sweet or saccharine. If you were holding a gun to my head, I...might lean towards the former. Struggles like this tend to be present in the lyrics, too. "This Song Is So...2006" seems almost like a heavily veiled straight-edge anthem, led by a chorus that seems like it's trying to teach a lesson through mindless wordplay I'd expect from Forever the Sickest Kids or something: "We won't stop stop to this beat we're pumpin' / We rock 'til we drop / We won't stop we've got it / Hard hard as the drugs you're poppin' / The easiest way to escape from the world / Turn up your radio just let go / A simple equation none of us know / How do we get to the core of your heart / How do we get to the top."

All in all, I'm not quite sure what to think, but there's enough memorable moments here to dignify First Things First as ever-so-slightly above average. I Call Fives need a lot of work to avoid sounding like their more popular hair-in-the-face sweet promo shot ringleaders, but I think they can do it. - PunkNews.org

"First Things First Review"

This record takes me back to when I first got into the whole pop-punk thing. It was 2002/2003, and pop-punk was all the trend. Drive-Thru Records was the label to watch (now, sadly, they're the label to stay away from). They were my gateway drug into a world of music unknown to me and to this day, bands from that label still remain important to me. Most notably is, of course, New Found Glory - a band that helped define the pop-punk sound of the turn of the century and a band that should have a great comeback CD this year. But I digress, I'm here to talk about I Call Fives and that is what I'll do.

When I listen to I Call Fives' new EP, First Things First, I'm transported back to that time when I was young and excited to hear a new style. Now it's seven years later and I Call Fives is hardly new for me, but I can't help but have a slight smile on my face as I hear it. With each passing song, I'm reminded of another band from that era that I loved oh so much. Sometimes it's New Found Glory, sometimes it's The Starting Line and sometimes it's Allister. It's funny how familiar it is and yet it's still distinctly a record from this era, and exactly what that means is hard to explain.

The music is straight DTR pop-punk, it's catchy, upbeat and fun. But unlike a lot of the new wave of pop-pop-"punk" around today, there is actually a back bone to the songs. The drumming, in a way, sounds of place as its much faster and harder but it works wit the music in the same way that Cyrus Bolooki's drum style works with New Found Glory. They also throw in some gang vocals in the background like some later NFG material.

But what pulls me away from I Call Fives is the vocals and it is the vocals that remind me that this record is distinctly a 2008 release. At times there are moments where you hear a New Found Glory semblance (My Last Mistake and Overtime are the most notable ones with that similarly) whereas other times you hear a slight Kenny Vasoli (The Starting Line) tinge in the vocal delivery. However, for the most part, the vocals sound more like the pop-punk of today - and I think of bands like Four Years Strong or The Wonder Years. Still, there's enough of that classic pop-punk in there to save me from shoving it off completely.

Suffice to say, I rather enjoy this little EP as it reminds me a lot of *gasp* New Found Glory; which is something I wasn't expecting all that much. It's a simple pop-punk record that doesn't fall victim to the over polished, over slow and over boring pitfalls of today's pop-punk/pop-emo/pop-pop crap that seems to be spat out at an all too frequent speed. However, for me, this record has come five years too late to really like and play it over and over again. There are moments that shine through but others that feel too polished or smooth. Maybe their next record will be able to fully capture my attention but as it is, First Things First will remain just a footnote in my music collection. - www.thepunksite.com

"Newest Interview"

* Chris Immunity: First things first. What's your name and what do you do in I Call Fives? (see what i did there?)
* drew calls fives: ahaha you're a clever one Chris. i am drew conte and i play bass guitar and sometimes yell or say dumb things in between songs that no one cares about
* Chris Immunity: I try, haha. So I saw you guys this summer back in Vegas and you had a different singer, what happened there and how did James end up being back in the band?
* drew calls fives: basically the wonder years offered us on an awesome tour with them in April. around that time, James had a ton of personal issues going on and would have not been able to do the tour. with that in mind and some other differences at the time -- we thought it was best we try and find someone else for the band. 2 months went by and we didn't really find anyone that fit us they way we imagined it but we needed someone for the tour so soupy (singer of the wonder years) introduced us to his friend nick, who is an awesome singer. he ended up playing with us on the tour and we all realized it wasn't a permanent situation. mid-tour we made amends with James and decided he'd be back in the band when we got home.
* Chris Immunity: Awesome, did things just fall back in to place when you guys got back or was it hard to get back in the swing of writing and playing shows together?
* drew calls fives: when we got back it was definitely weirder than before. we had just spent 35 days touring in my parents altima. and before that we had parted ways with one of our best friends at the time, who later rejoined and was honestly better than ever (even to my surprise). i never really give James the credit he deserves, his hard work is something this band really works off of. as far as the songs go -- we had been writing before the tour mostly for the new ep. only one of the songs - '12 credits short' - was written since we were home from tour. we took a bit of a break from shows and got our financial situations a bit better (aka we delivered alot of pizza). we spent all of our money on a newer van and newer trailer and now we're ready to release the CD and tour as much as we can.
* drew calls fives: sorry that took so long i was getting a drink haha
* Chris Immunity: Favorite non alcoholic drink, go!
* drew calls fives: mountain dew
* drew calls fives: actually
* drew calls fives: I've been cutting back on soda alot lately so i'm going to go with diet lemonade iced tea -- from wawa
* drew calls fives: haha
* Chris Immunity: dude, code red. blasphemy or heavenly?
* drew calls fives: surprisingly heavenly
* drew calls fives: something about it is for me. it reminds me of a Shirley temple
* Chris Immunity: good call haha
* Chris Immunity: With bands like Set Your Goals / Four Year Strong doing pop punk / hardcore and The Maine / Metro Station pop punk / dance (emphasis on pop) blowing up for blending pop punk with a different genre, how hard was it for you guys to stick to a strictly pop punk sound?
* drew calls fives: it was honestly very easy. we really do like set your goals and four year strong, i think they're great. but as far as breakdowns and synth and that kinda stuff go -- it's not something that fits how we write. it definitely works for those guys though, don't get me wrong. we all love bands like the starting line, saves the day, midtown, nfg and they most definitely influence us in our writing. drive thru records pop punk is what "we grew up on" haha so it's really easy for us to write songs like that
* drew calls fives: as far as a band like metro station goes i definitely find them entertaining but it's not really something I'm into..and i know any dance sort of aspect has no influence on our writing
* Chris Immunity: Tell me about the new album; where did you record, how long did it take, favorite song?
* drew calls fives: the new album was recorded at Valencia studios in Baltimore, Maryland. Kory gable recorded us and is an awesome guy who does great work, i definitely suggest anyone looking to record checks him out. we did 7 songs in 7 days and my favorite song is "coast to coast." the weird thing about the record is that some of the songs are seriously old haha. running in circles, this song is so 2006, and my last mistake are all about 2 years old. we're just happy to finally have recorded them and put them out on an a release.
* Chris Immunity: Last serious question, then we'll have some fun, I promise. How did you guys get hooked up with Open Your Eyes records?
* drew calls fives: ahah okay awesome
* drew calls fives: Erick from open your eyes got in contact with us about a year ago about possibly working with him. we basically stayed in touch with him over the months and he essentially played the role of our manager. he helped us out with a ton of stuff and gave us a lot of great advice. when he decided he wanted to reform his old label, open your eyes, we were 100% down to have them put the ep out.
* Chris Immunity: I'm new to this coast, why don't you fill me in on your favorite and least favorite things about the east coast?
* drew calls fives: as a whole -- i love how major cities on the east coast are so close. i live 15 mins from Philly which is awesome, about an hour and a half from Baltimore and new york. I've been to a ton of shows over the past few years weather it be at cbgb's, the ottobar, or the church in Philly and it's awesome to be able to do that. i don't really know any city as well as i know Philly, and i love it. there's really not a least favorite thing i could say for the city as a whole. I've met some great people, bands, and promoters all in the city and it's awesome to be so close to it. generally though snow sucks so my least favorite thing about the east coast is the snow. having to drive in the snow is the worst thing ever haha.
* drew calls fives: on a side note i love Geno's and Jim's steaks. best cheese steaks in philly
* Chris Immunity: if the band dint exist what would each member of the band be doing
* drew calls fives: I'd be staying in school and transferring to a university after this semester. Ant and Brandon would be doing the same thing. mike would probably be working at his dads hair salon and getting ready to take that over. James would probably be laying around in a basement all day doing freelance web design work. although James already does that and i am jealous.
* Chris Immunity: lets do some word association, then I'll let you get back to homework or whatever it is you do haha
* drew calls fives: lets do it. the semesters almost over though and i'm supposed to be studying for finals and i probably will just be too lazy ahaha
* Chris Immunity: tom hanks
* drew calls fives: willllllllson
* Chris Immunity: penetration
* drew calls fives: double
* Chris Immunity: hot cakes
* drew calls fives: actually that just makes me think of Ronald McDonald creepily smiling at me
* drew calls fives: hoping i enjoy his hot cakes
* Chris Immunity: tour
* drew calls fives: driving a lot, and that is awesome
* Chris Immunity: saves the day
* drew calls fives: sorry that response was boring aha
* drew calls fives: can't slow down
* Chris Immunity: good answer!
* Chris Immunity: leopluridon
* drew calls fives: not sure what it means
* drew calls fives: but
* drew calls fives: it reminds me of the word "corduroy"
* drew calls fives: ahaha
* Chris Immunity: day job
* drew calls fives: 9-5. bummer.
* Chris Immunity: sandwich
* drew calls fives: turkey and cheese
* Chris Immunity: candy mountain
* drew calls fives: dancing elf's for some reason
* drew calls fives: very jolly ones
* Chris Immunity: boy meets world
* drew calls fives: so many things come to mind
* drew calls fives: let me take a second
* drew calls fives: mainly how hot Topanga got over the years. plus i remember there being a ton of corny parts with like sad music where the family was really brought together over an event. and deep down poor troubled Sean just wanted his father to accept him. then they got older and went to college and some tall red haired girl was in it
* drew calls fives: that tall red headed girl was a let down
* Chris Immunity: Rick Astley
* drew calls fives: i hate how popular that song has become. i saw him singing it on tv during the Macy's day parade
* drew calls fives: rick sold out man
* Chris Immunity: last but not least, Las Vegas
* drew calls fives: Las Vegas reminds me of the time we decided we wanted to buy a hooker and tried to charge one to mikes "emergency" credit card. needless to say it was declined and it was a lonely night
* drew calls fives: but also the love it or leave it guys, super nice and a great band
* Chris Immunity: alright dude, thanks a lot for your time! any last words?
* drew calls fives: if you're near/around Philly check out the record release show and all the bands playing on December 19th. the wonder years, the crosstown rivalry and braindead. it's going to be awesome. also check out open your eyes records on myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/openyoureyesrecords
- Immunity Clothing


3 Song Sampler - Released 01/2008
First Things First EP - Released 12/19/08
New Single - 06/10/2009



Following their formation in Washington Township, New Jersey in August 2006, I Call Fives changed its name from Remedy and recorded a 5-song demo in January 2008. After their Summer 2008 tour with The Wonder Years, I Call Fives recorded seven tracks in seven days, their debut EP, First Things First. With the additions of singer Jeff Todd and drummer Chris Mullen, Drew, Mike, and Ant are ready to wake up the East Coast and beyond, asserting themselves against the backdrop of the exploding New Jersey scene.

Since the release of First Things First with Open Your Eyes Records in December 2008, they have sold records in Germany, France, England and Canada, and thanks to a partnership between Open Your Eyes and What.cd, they have been downloaded over 10,000 times. Off the EP, “This Song is So… 2006,” “Say Goodbye” and “Ready to Go” made Distortion Radio’s top 100 Songs of 2008 based on airplay stats for the entire year, a testament to fans’ demand.

“[First Things First] is a simple pop-punk record that doesn't fall victim to the over polished, over slow and over boring pitfalls of today's pop-punk/pop-emo/pop-pop crap that seems to be spat out at an all too frequent speed.” -Bobby Gorman, thepunksite.com

Hitting the stage with The Wonder Years this summer, I Call Fives sets itself apart from the rest of the herd by leaving the synth and breakdowns out of their songs, giving them the momentum that drives their listeners to their shows.

“We really do like Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong, but as far as breakdowns and synth and that kinda stuff go… it's not something that fits how we write. We all love bands like The Starting Line, Saves the Day, Midtown, New Found Glory, and they most definitely influence us in our writing.” -Drew Conte, Bass

With seven single-worthy tracks, I Call Fives has built their foundation to demand the attention they need to move forward in this next generation of punk-pop. First things first, they’ve got a solid record and loyal fan base. What’s next?

“Thankfully, I Call Fives doesn't rely on neon-splattered logo T's and out of place hardcore breakdowns to get fans… I can easily see them blowing up with the right exposure.” –Michael, scenepointblank.com

I Call Fives has performed/toured with the following bands: Four Year Strong (Decaydance/Fueled by Ramen), Cash Cash (Universal Republic), Person L (Kenny of The Starting Line), Anthony Green (Equal Vision), This Time Next Year (Equal Vision), Fireworks (Triple Crown), Fight Fair (Triple Crown), i am the Avalanche (Drive-Thru), Houston Calls (Drive-Thru), Socratic (Drive-Thru), Bedlight for Blue Eyes (Trustkill), There for Tomorrow (Hopeless), The Morning of (Rise Records), Thieves and Villains (Victory), The Scenic (Victory), and The Wonder Years (No Sleep Records).