Santiago, CHL

Icaro del Sol is an electro-rock duo from Chile, consisting of Francisco Soto (guitar, vocals, loops) and Sebastian Valenzuela (drums, vocals, keyboards, loops).


The group was created in 2010 when searching for a mix of pop, electronic and rock, and under the aim of being only two members, supported by loops and keyboards in order to play live. The themes of the lyrics and the image of the band are related on the one hand with native, shamanic and galactic concepts, and on the other, with the urban everyday world around us.
The band's first album was produced in summer 2011 by noted musician and producer Mariano Pavez. In winter of that year they reached radial rotation with the song "Los Señores del Tiempo", especially on Radio Uno, where the band was presented as one of the proposals of the month of June. In September of the same year the video of this song was released, achieving an important rotation throughout Latin America, and receiving very good reviews from the public. In the following months, two of their songs would be selected by MTV LA to be part of the soundtrack of the teen drama “POPLAND”. In 2012 they were considered again for the series called “ÚLTIMO AÑO”, this time with the song “Imaginario”. In October 2014, Icaro del Sol launches Versus, a five tracks EP that includes collaborations of outstanding artists from the chilean electropop army. Currently, the duo is promoting Versus and working in new material.


Set List

1. Intro
2. París de Abril
3. Escondido
4. Yo Te Mentiré
5. Algo Bueno
6. Tótem
7. Los Señores del Tiempo
8. Insecto
9. Fruto
10. Volverás