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Icarus Had Wings


Band Rock Blues


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Holy joe's 29th oct 09"

"That was a great set at Holy Joes. The sweltering room was filled with undeniable rock energy." - Lonely vagabond


first official release In June MMX

Hamartia Disco

Old Hat (lay)
Figure B
Sharp Lies
Between The Streets
33rd degree
Street Car MIA
Kaposi's Sarcoma



Icarus Had Wings started in late 2008. The Universe's serendipity brought Vinicius Mueller and Vitus Wight to the Sketch art studio in downtown Toronto. After many conversations and Jam sessions the two decided that they would be way cooler if they started playing together. With a few extra allies on their side they began to gain steam, and with all this hot air the musical pistons started to move. The first gig was set up through another well know face around Sketch. This was the humble beginning of Icarus Had Wings.

Icarus Had Wings(IHW) first appearance on the Toronto scene came through a show at the now deceased top floor venue at the Big Bop. IHW had the first taste of fire on their wings. The band practiced relentlessly trying to fine tune their musical aspirations.

Vinicius and Vitus set forth to let Toronto know that they are here as a counter point to a scene that seemed to of missed the mark... if only slightly. They stalked the open mic circuit; rebels amongst a society obsessed with chasing paper and fame. Lola hosted the band several times. The universe again provided the band with another stroke of luck through a local music supporter. Vinicius was asked to host an open mic at the four60 spadina.

After a week long busking endeavor to Montreal Ricardo Elbandito (drums) had found something that Toronto could not offer; A fair representation of artists. With his mind made he told the band he was leaving as soon as he had organized his affairs. The journey home was made with heavy hearted anticipation as Vitus and Vinicius had decided to forge new bonds in the Toronto scene.

It was the summer of 2009 and IHW began to host an open mic night that brought out Toronto's talent: Amelia Leclair, Jon Travis, RedD monkey, Zero Pm, Insufferable Noise Machine, Parillegal, Dr. keys, Lucian Thomas, Caiside, The Jilted Lover's Club and so many more. It was during this time of transition that Vinicius began jamming with Jaash Singh while Vitus was working with Josue Ariz and Oscar of The Owl's Nest. In Jaash Singh Icarus Had Wings had located the percussive drive to their grunge influenced blues rock. From this amalgamation of talent the beast of Chernobyl Blues exploded into reality.

Icarus Had Wings hit full gear and began rocking any bill that came their way. Wednesdays stood as a testament to the bands diligence. Busking day and night to pull in money for food, smokes and bills. They continued to work out of the sketch studio recording acoustic tracks and working on full blown recordings. Calling on Amelia Leclair, Dr. Keys and other artists, Icarus Had Wings tracked Old Hat (lay) and Between the streets (a side). From here the band recorded a live set at another Holy Joes show. The bill included Blind cats, The Jilted Lover's Club and The Quick Fix. The Lonely Vagabond had this to say about the show "That was a great set at Holy Joes. The sweltering room was filled with undeniable rock energy."