Icarus Landing

Icarus Landing

 Hollywood, California, USA

...a modern rock band that has it all... catchy riffs, melodic hooks, and unique arrangements. They write about all the things that can make or break you: sex, love, power, faith, fate, and more.

In early 2013, they released "Call to You", now at 100k+ views on YouTube. They tour Europe this fall.


"It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll..." Icarus Landing knows this all too well. Originally formed in Cleveland, Ohio, but now based in Hollywood, California, this is one of the hardest working new rock acts you'll find anywhere.

From packing Peabody's Downunder in Cleveland, to filling Hollywood's Viper Room to the gills, "IL" draws lively, energetic crowds everywhere they go, largely thanks to the blood and sweat they spill on stage every night.

In January 2013, the band released their epic new single and video, "Call to You". In less than two months, the provocative clip reached over 50k views on YouTube and is still climbing. They will release 6 more singles during 2013, each with accompanying video art. The series of short films tells a bigger story when you string the unique pieces together.

In addition to this aggressive release schedule, the group is also working on another national tour for summer 2013.

For the curious, here's the back story:

Many years ago, Nicholas Emilio (vocals, guitar) produced a CD for the band “5x Fast”, which featured Joel Grant on guitar and Nick Evert on drums. That band broke up, and in September of 2004, Nicholas snatched up the two young chaps. Then they added Dacian Gingrich on bass, and the original Icarus Landing lineup was completed.

The group quickly made tracks all over their home state of Ohio, including all of the major rock venues in Cleveland (The Odeon, Peabody's, The Agora, etc.). In the meantime, they released three EPs. The self-produced and distributed “Prologue” was completed in August of 2005; their 2nd and 3rd offerings, “Evolution”, and "Evolution II" were produced by Don Debiase (Forever in Terror, Beneath the Sky, Driver Side Impact).

Summer 2007 saw the band embark on their first American tour, during which they played Cleveland, Cincinnati, Nashville, Chicago, St. Louis, and many more.

After some lineup changes and having pushed the Cleveland music scene boundaries as far as they could, the band decided that they needed to move on to sunnier pastures and packed up for the West Coast. They arrived in LA in early 2008 and have since worked on hitting all the popular venues, including the House of Blues Hollywood, The Whisky, The Viper Room, The Cat Club, and many more. They have also branched out regionally to include Huntington Beach, Long Beach, and Las Vegas, Nevada.


Evolution II
Call to You (single and video, released January 2013)
All These Years (single and video, released April 2013)

Icarus Landing's music has been played extensively on 100.7 WMMS and 92.3 KROCK (Cleveland), as well as many online streams.

Set List

The band has a recorded catalog of over 18 songs, but a "short and sweet" set would be something similar to this:

The Saint
Hello, Hello
Until Death...
Dying to Live
Maybe in Another Life