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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



Icarus Planes sent a CD to SKRATCH without a biography of the band and with no artwork, leading me to guess the band may be young-which, in turn, caused me to have low expectations of the band's musical ability. Well, I was definitely misled. Icarus Planes have a very innovative sound, containing thrashing guitars on songs such as "This Time with Feeling" and "Theory of Undulation", then transitioning into soft, acoustic ballads with "Scarred" and "Listen to the Rain". Regardless of the style of a given song, each is fueled with raw emotional lyrics. Formerly known as Son of Adam, Icarus Planes seem to be going through some adjustments within the band, as I saw online that the band is looking for a new guitar player. Hopefully the band will regroup and charge on, because Icarus Planes is truly an original band, and it would be exciting to hear a full-length. To receive information on the band, check out WWW.ICARUSPLANES.COM.
-Joe Licavoli



1. This Time with Feeling (XM Radio airtime, as well as local College and Clear Channel Radio)
2. Theory of Undulation
3. Listen to the Rain
4. Scarred
5. Still
*All tracks listed avaible on e.p. for debut release (Currently out of print)


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Live life and tell the tale. Keep tally marks for broken hearts, as the tears trickle, but only on one side..."
The public outcry for a new emotional edge to the indie rock scene has been answered by Icarus Planes: four young men dedicated to simplicity, elegance, honesty, and innovation. Perfectly blending soul-stirring lyrics with pop-conscious riffs, the young rock quartet has been hailed as "The next big thing to hit the streets this fall." The music never fails to strike one as comfortably familiar while maintaining a true-to-self feel, shoving the "boys next door" into the spotlight for artists to watch this year.
Forming in the summer of 2002 under "Son of Adam," Icarus Planes originally consisted of three full time members: Jeremiah Farnham, Paul Rohman and Keenan Erwin. Upon the release of their first album "Epilogue", the band was instantly a local hit, selling nearly 1000 cd's within the first three weeks. In spite of the immediate success, underlying turmoil caused a split in late 2003, with former guitarist Keenan eventually proceeding with a side project. After nearly a year of writing, regrouping and recruiting, guitarist Shawn Lewis and drummer Dillon Lane became the third and fourth members of the group, creating the group we have today.
Lyrical content has always been a strong point for the group, with one simple consistent theme: living life and telling the tale. The powerful poetry of frontman Jeremiah Farnham stakes claims to both the soaring highs and immaculate beauty of life, as well as the all-time, all too familiar lows of heartache, heartbreak and loss of loved ones.
"I never write with the intention of creating amazing art, I write to share beauty and pain that I see and live. Just sharing my world, whether it be perfectly heavenly or warts and all. Kind of like drawing stick figures for God..."
As well as having a deep, emotional lyrical foundation in their arsenal, the music paired with the words paint pictures easily related to and loved. "They're catchy, original, and could easily make you laugh or cry in the blink of an eye" said local Clear Channel Radio d.j. during a Battle of the Bands hosted by them. (The quote, in turn, landed them a record deal with indie label Broken Fish Records two weeks later...)
Currently in the studio working on a new greatly anticipated full-length album (release date to be announced,) the indie-pop quartet's fan base continues to grow, and seemingly exponentially to say the least. It's said that big things come in small packages, and the boy's next door are no exception. Be sure to catch them on tour this fall, for like so many greats before them, the group is more than just a band: they're an experience.