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"Icarus Witch - Capture the Magic"

Following up on their more than well-received debut EP, traditional archivists Icarus Witch bring back the best guitar tone in rock for a record that bravely doesn't stand up and wave its arms wildly about the band's many strengths. In fact, Capture the Magic envelopes the listener in lush progressive metal, mid-paced and even panoramically languished grooves.

Thinking man's Primal Fear, double bass-void Stratovarius (Kotipetto solo?), or the last couple of Maidens come to mind...Vocalist Matt Bizilia has a uniquely twangy, cannily over the top voice, that puts the band outside of power metal categories despite the earthy Force of Evil-styled twin leads, the sum total of these tracks capturing an earlier time in metal through open architectures, trudging rhythms, a merciless moroseness. And finally there's an unadorned and swinging cover of Ozzy's S.A.T.O.; the band's treatment of this serving as metaphor for the mood of the album as a whole -- it's actually more laid-back than the original.

One applauds the fact that this album does't blaze brightly (an intriguingly warm, rounded-off fidelity aids in the achievement of this), but one also wonders if the more impatient amongst the power metal set Icarus Witch draw from will find it too uniformly unshowy.

--Martin Popoff. - Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

"Icarus Witch CD Release Show"

With show time approaching, the lights were lowered, fog machines were fired up and medieval-inspired instrumental music introduced the band that Pittsburgh (and metal in general) has been missing: Icarus Witch

This band has a sound so true and full that I was felt as if I had escaped from the small independent music store with a stage in the heart of Oakland to an arena from the rock days of the 1980's. I mean this as a huge compliment as the band's understanding of musical theory and instrumental prowess is translated through their orchestral sound and arrangements of guitar, solid bass lines and a thumping backbeat that will put you through the wall. Singer Matt Bizilia has a vocal talent worthy of Bruce Dickinson's style and Geoff Tate's tonal range. The songs are well thought out, having a story-like flow with a definite beginning, middle and end. Icarus Witch had the crowd pumping their fists and begging for more even after two encore songs. The sound emanating from the store was like a siren's song as at least 10 passers-by were called in, making the show standing room only.

The band's purpose was to release "Capture the Magic". The CD is in keeping with their mythical and fantastic themes. Unique adaptations of real life feelings and situations permeate the disc. A feature that will no doubt be a treat for metal fans is the appearance of guitarist and metal great George Lynch on the Ozzy Osbourne Cover "S.A.T.O." and Fates Warning's Frank Aresti on "the Ghost of Xavier Holmes". Check them out.

-- - Music Underground Magazine

"Icarus Witch - Capture the Magic"

Lat month we caught these guys at Brave New World for their CD release show. The album they were promoting was their first full-length album, Capture the Magic, a tour-de-force through the metal nether regions, each song is an escape into the mythical world of castles, sorcery and giants. But this record isn't for Dungeons and Dragons nerds. "Magic" is for the hardcore fan of classic metal the likes of Iron Maiden, Queensryche and Helloween. Singer Matthew Bizilia's vocal range and abilities are remarkable; think Geoff Tate with an edge. And with Steve Pollick's wizardry on the six-string, the rhythm section builds around each riff. Guitar greats George Lynch (Dokken) and Frank X. Aresti (Fates Warning) assist on Ozzy Osbourne's "S.A.T.O." and "the Ghost of Xavior Holmes" respectively. Capture the magical album from Pittsburgh's newst metal Giants. - MugZine


Songs for the Lost (Sept. 11, 2007)
Capture the Magic (2005)
Roses on White Lace (2005)



This dream began as a simple vision in early 2004. Two young metal fans who felt completely estranged by what had become of the "heavy metal" scene in the past decade, decided that, rather than complain about the trendy bands they didn't like, they would form an original band writing & performing with the soul of the early masters. Jason Myers, newly exiled from the trend setting mecca of Los Angeles, brought his experience as an A&R rep to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, along with his bass and a name that had mystically come to him in California: Icarus Witch.

The types of bands Jason had been looking to sign seemed few & far between on these shores. It was a revelation when his friend (& original Witch drummer) Keith Hurka handed him a demo CD of a mind blowing, undiscovered vocal siren by the name of Matthew Bizilia. Myers & Bizilia quickly formed a powerful alliance and set about the task of building the ideal metal machine. Placing ads with headlines like "Dio & Bain seek Blackmore" wasn't ringing the phones off the hook but certainly stood out on guitar store bulletin boards littered with screamo & metal core want ads.

After a brief spell of trial & error, a fiery young shredder from the Guitar 9 school, named Steve Pollick rose above the fray, bringing his uniquely melodic 6 string wizardry to the mix.

The final member of the group, Quinn Lukas, who was studying to be a mortician, joined the group in 2006 and the chemistry is complete.

Sounds Like...the type of metal that was called metal when metal was still metal.

Influences: AC/DC, Accept, Alcatrazz, Bach, Beethoven, Sabbath, B.O.C., Alice Cooper, The Cult, The Cure, Purple, Leppard, Dio, Dokken, Dream Theater, Fastway, Fates Warning, G N' R, horror films & literature, Maiden, jazz, Journey, Priest, Kansas, King Diamond, KISS, Krokus, Anton LaVey, Zeppelin, Yngwie, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, M.S.G., Crue, Stevie Nicks, Ozzy, Floyd, Queensryche, Rainbow, Ratt, Rush, Scorpions, Sisters Of Mercy, Slayer, Thin Lizzy, Triumph, Twisted Sister, U.F.O., Uriah Heep, Vandenberg, Van Halen, W.A.S.P., Whitesnake, Witchcraft, The Who, Y&T, Yes, Zebra...