I caught fire

I caught fire


Its not easy to describe our music as we like to thing we bring something fresh to the music scene. We like to write catchy melodic melodies and riffs that grab your attention straight away and refuse to leave your head. But we'd prefer to let you tell us what you think.


We were all in a band called 7evenwords for 5 years but 1 of the members left for personal reasons in april, so we decided to call it a day and start something new and fresh, "I caught fire" is our new incarnation which has been working very well for us as we have 5 years experience in song writing. We are all excited about our new project and look forward to our future in "I caught fire".


We have just recorded 3 tracks, we will back in the studio then in august to record 3 more tracks which we will be putting together as our first ep titled "This plans a heart attack".

Set List

We dont do any covers, its all original for us. Our set would last about a half hour. We are still in the process of naming some of our songs but her are the ones that we have named.
"I caught fire" - Quiet
Drawn from endings
My avalanche
Share my ghosts
The end of this here tether
Colours and Light