Los Angeles, California, USA
BandHip HopLatin

Inner City Dwellers (Los Angeles) - are a pro-peoples hip hop crew making movement music, amplified by microphone activist RHIPS & VDAH. Relentlessly exploring themes on power issues, love & loss, they draw inspiration from the resilient nature of their own stories and those in the fringes.


From different parts of Los Angeles, In the winter of 2006, 2 syllable-slingers crawled out the depths of the city's gutters joined forces with two intentions. One, to make waves in the lake of injustice through music and community work. And two, to make music inspired by personal experience with life, loss and love. You know, that human condition stuff. ICDLA are: emcees RHIPS & VDAH, backed up on the ones and twos by Dj Survive


Forced To Choose (Debut Album out April 2012)

Set List

-3 Mics, Turntables or Turntable Plug-ins, 6 water bottles,
-compensation for ICDLA is negotiable, however, we do have a base minimum of $600 - and up
-Guestlist: 4-5 people