BandHip HopWorld

I have finally did what people are afraid to do...get creative with music I think of music as art and all I do is create masterpeice's, with a style that is so addictive and a delivery that make's you hang on to each sylable no matter what speed I'm rapping, I pose a major threat in the rap game.


when I was growing up ever since bone hit the scene I've been turned on to the whole tongue twisting thing I alway's listened to a variety of rapper's from different region's of the U.S. that rap's fast so I just was influenced by different style's. What set's me apart from other rapper's is I have style and the ability to tongue twist in mid-flow and I also have original concept's and magnificent lyrical ablilities with an extremely large vocabulary.


I already have track's that I have prepared to use as single's but no...I don't have radio play yet and I am currently working on numerous solo album's and collaboration's and feature's for the meanwhile.

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