Iceage Cobra

Iceage Cobra


"shamelessly spastic blend of classic rock riffage, '70s soul, and dance-inducing backbeats" -Hannah Levin, The Stranger


Iceage Cobra. The name alone evokes the sort of bent creativity and tongue-in-cheek self confidence you might hope to find in a new band, but it doesn't tell you everything you need to know... Iceage Cobra came roaring into Seattle from Spokane, WA like the other Northwest rock greats from outta nowhere. Melvins, Malfunkshun, Nirvana... Iceage Cobra. They don't grow this kinda stuff in the big city. Small towns often breed the bands that start modern revolutions - and Iceage Cobra has what it takes to incite a movement. Iceage Cobra could never have existed before now. Their influences span the decades before them, but their popular live show is far from being a retro revue. It's a blast of youth and rhythm and charisma and humor and overdriven riffs - an irresistible rock n' roll gumbo with fat chunks of soul that get stuck in your teeth and follow you home. Iceage Cobra. Revolution. Rock n' Roll. Soul. (Bio by Matt Brown)


Self Titled Demo-Recorded in 2005, Helpy Help Records
"Dance Floor's on Fire" Single-Recorded 2006, Attercop Studios

Set List

1. Hurricane Shake
2. Black Widow
3. Two Ton Crutches
4. Summer Vacation
5. We're Gonna Win Some Money
6. Dread October
7. Deathmobile
8. Weapon of Mass Seduction
9. Acid Pony
10. Do The Black Lung
11. Dance Floor's on Fire

We can play a half hour set or an hour and a half. The only cover we occasional break out is "Do you wanna touch (oh yeah)" by Gary Glitter.