Ice Cream Social

Ice Cream Social


Ice Cream Social is a 5 member synth pop outfit from Buffalo, New York. If it is shiny or pretty, Ice Cream Social plays it in music form combining Pop, Rock, Indie and Dance with an extraordinary amount of Fun.


Ice Cream Social formed during the Fall of 2005 in Buffalo, New York. Since that glorious formation, Ice Cream Social has established a healthy-sized following in the Buffalo music scene playing venues such as Mohawk Place, Merlins, Art Brutale and the Tudor Lounge with acts such as Headlights, The M's, People for Audio and The Appleseed Cast.

Within these few months together Ice Cream Social has also managed to release the self recorded and well acclaimed Worry and Regret EP. Influences are vast but include bands such as Modest Mouse, The Rentals, Queen, The Rapture, Depeche Mode and Motion City Soundtrack just to mention a few.

Ice Cream Social has the much sought after fibers of cute and fun on its side. So much so that through the months, cute, fun and ICS have battled the forces of evil together. Ice Cream Social is not just a fun and cute band however, they are also friends that love creating music and will continue to do so forever, obviously.


Worry and Regret EP

Set List

A typical set list for us would include all original material (no covers) and usually run 25-40 minutes long.

Good for Everyone
The Harvest
Multicolored Rainbows
Worry and Regret
The Kitten and the butterfly