Ice Cream Socialists

Ice Cream Socialists


Unabashedly pop, but not bound by typical three-chord progressions, Ice Cream Socialists are part Ben Folds, part Architecture in Helsinki, with some They Might Be Giants thrown into the mix. With the unconventional song writing, anthemic choruses, and layered instrumentation, glorious chaos ensues.


Like Athena from the head of Zeus, Ice Cream Socialists burst onto the Georgia music scene, seemingly fully formed. Playing their first gig ever in December 2005 at Atlanta’s Variety Playhouse, the band opened for Tegan and Sara (accordion player Talia Bromstad is a cousin of the Canadian duo). Despite being completely unknown, the band impressed the crowd with their melodic, rambunctious sound.
Ice Cream Socialists hail from Athens, GA, and follow in the same complex musical tradition for which the town is known. By early 2006, bolstered by a strong fan base and local critical acclaim, the band began working on their debut album with local recording legend Chris Bishop (Elf Power, Mendoza Line, Masters of the Hemisphere). The resulting album, Belles and Missiles, is as easy to dance to as it is hard to categorize.


Album: Belles and Missiles, 2006

Selected tracks: Dirge, Zagnut's Revenge, Day of the Danny, Luv Dem Cannonballz, Fuzz is a Friend

Set List

Set lists typically range from 8 to 12 songs, 99% originals, but occasionally a Magnetic Fields cover gets thrown into the mix.