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Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Hull, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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It's rare to see such a joyous group of singers and musicians in an age where every band is trying to be cool. Possibly one of the campest most colourfully entertaining bands ever to come out of Yorkshire. - Daily Star UK


When a band can produce a sound like Yorkshires' iceHouse Project live one would think they would know how to dress. A sonic landscape made in musical heaven with songs and performances worthy of The Brits. However they would leave viewers needing to adjust their sets. - NME


ICE ICE BABY- What a circus- what a show. Icehouse Project sent temperatures rising with a thoroughly energetic show. - Liverpool Echo


Never in my days as a music reviewer have I ever seen anything like it. - Leeds University Union


‘Teach Me and I’ll Learn’ and ‘Under The Sun’ are two offerings from UK newcomers iceHouse Project. A much needed tonic for an increasingly beleaguered industry, these two tracks could’ve averted the inevitable catastrophe heading EMI’s way (or any of the majors for that matter) were they released 10 years ago.
The first track is a perfect slice of Euro-tinted electro produced by in-house dance expert and Chicane collaborator James Hockley. It sinks its hooks in at the first opportunity and was clearly written with the sole intention of packing sweaty club dance floors. Think of The Presets with added showmanship and lip gloss and you’re not far off the mark.
‘Under The Sun’ is dance legend Paul Dakeyne’s first outing in years. Exploring mythical lands of fairytale and fantasy it’s a slickly produced effort featuring a plethora of electronic synths. This epic trancer powers along, building an ever building head of steam with lead singer Dan Bryan resonating through the sound with possibly one of the biggest voices around today. Accompanying is a wall of backing vocals provided by stalwarts Steph Galbraith and Pippa Fulton.
This track really does club you round the ears (geddit?), with additional sonic force arriving in the form of massive cinematic timpana during the middle eight breakdown. It almost sounds like a movie trailer, and for the production enthusiasts out there it comes with its very own “making of” -


Under The Sun (Dakeyne Radio Edit)
Teach Me & I'll Learn
What Do You Want



In some of the darkest times people need a little fantasy, blurring the lines between fairy tale and reality iceHouse Project light up any space you care to put them in. Flamboyance and sparkle, shimmering and glittering this electro disco collective stops you in your tracks.
Culling influences from Kraftwerk to Erasure from Prince to Depeche Mode the sound is massive. From the electronic whoomph of Teach Me & I'll Learn to the pulsing throbbing symphony on To Magnifica. Be sure to leave room for them because they are like that forbidden and most luxurious of desserts...