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Iceman is a skilled rapper, producer, and businessman, with a talent for making "club bangas" that keep the crowd moving. Iceman's music has been described by Vibe Magazine as "unrelenting thug hop".


Iceman, born Curt Felder, is a rapper/songwriter/producer from New England by way of Brooklyn, New York.

Born in Jamaica, Queens in New York (home of many famous rappers, including 50-Cent, Run DMC, and LL. Cool J), Iceman moved to Brooklyn as a toddler.

Iceman showed musical ability at a very early age. At the age of 8, he was hired as a permanent cast member for the popular children’s television show, Romper Room. At the age of 12, he became an honorary member of the hip-hop super group, “UTFO”, of which his cousin, Freddy “Dr. Ice” Reeves was a founding member. (UTFO later went on to record the smash hit, “Roxanne, Roxanne”, a smash hit in the early 80’s.)

Iceman then went on to form various rap groups with friends from his Coney Island Brooklyn neighborhood, gaining local popularity. However, he soon became involved in street hustling as a way to make the money that he wanted, not believing that a successful career in the music industry would indeed become a reality.

As the years passed, he began to long more and more for a career in the music biz, however. Hustling soon became increasingly stressful, eventually resulting in the violent shooting deaths of many of his childhood friends. At this point, he vowed to become successful as a rapper/producer, and to tell the story of the life he led.

Studying his craft, he began learning the technical methods of songwriting and musical arrangement. He then went on to study sound engineering at New York’s 5 Towns College for music and later attended Brooklyn College, where he majored in Business Management. However, lack of money once again became an issue, and Iceman joined the U.S. Army, where he remained for four years, gaining leadership ability, and eventually being promoted to the rank of staff sergeant.

Believing he now had all the tools necessary to become a giant in the industry by his own devices, Iceman soon relocated to Boston, where he founded the independent hip-hop label, Red Zone Records. Being a self-starter, he decided to form his own independent record label rather than wait for a major label deal.

Since its launch, Red Zone has sold thousands of independently released CDs throughout the New England area, performed at several showcases, and promoted many local parties to increase its market share.

In 2006, Iceman’s single “No Love” gained regular radio airplay at Boston’s WERS (88.9FM), after winning the station’s famous “Local Battle” for an entire week straight. Iceman has also been featured in a feature article by the NH-based publication “Hippo Press” , as well as a feature article in the forthcoming February 2007 issue of the Hip-Hop publication, “One-Ten Magazine”. Iceman also appeared in the December 2007 issue of Vibe Magazine as one of the top 51 MySpace rappers state to state.

Iceman has performed live on occasions nearly too numerous to mention, including New York’s famous Apollo Theater, and The Uptown Comedy Club.

Iceman’s debut solo release, “Reign of Fire”, was released in Summer 2007. “Streetz to the Club” & “Manslaughter” are the singles currently gaining momentum on the college radio circuit.

Iceman is currently in the studio doing production work on forthcoming releases from other Red Zone artists.


"Jump Squad: Reloaded" released in June 2005 - over 5,000 copies sold in the 6 states of New England alone!
"Reign of Fire" - released on June 2007 - the single "Manslaughter" from this CD has already received airplay at Jamn 94.5 in Boston, and is a favorite at night clubs and college stations throughout New England.