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ICE ROD @ house party

chicago, Illinois, USA

chicago, Illinois, USA

ICE ROD @ Stand Up Comedy store

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon, USA

ICE ROD @ Twillight Bar and Grill

Portland, Oregon, USA

Portland, Oregon, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



“After spending two years battling anyone foolish enough
to step to him, the semi-legendary Ice Rod (born Michael
Gaughan) dropped off the radar. He then re-emerged as half
of the fun-loving duo Brother and Sister, who are at least
as well known for their citywide scavenger hunts as they
are for making music. Now, however, Gaughan is ready
to return from the glam wilderness to the loving embrace
of hip-hop with the release of a new CD, “It’s About Sex
and Hip-Hop.” His mixture of wit and verbal muscle still
impresses on the new tracks up on his MySpace page (www.” - Steve McPherson Star Tribune

“Ice Rod’s hip-hop is cheeky, fun, clever and chalk-full of in-your-face innuendoes. It is his interesting choice of
material and the clever way he uses words to vividly create images that make ‘Camera Phone,’ like the rest of his
album, stand out from other local new releases” - Megan Kadrmas MN Daily September 27, 2007

“it’s times like this where we desperately need people to make those kinds of risks -- someone like Ice-Rod, who
can be funny and rap without making the comedy at hip hop’s expense. As well-known for his freestyle skills as he
is for his outsized personality” - Nate Patrin City Pages September 17 2007

(Andre) “Williams gets a run for his money from local musician Michael Gaughan, best known as the male half of
Brother and Sister, but who also lays down some cleverly raunchy raps as ICE ROD” - Onion AV Twin Cities Sept 20 2007

“Eminem may have dismissed the ‘20 million other white rappers’ who emerged in the wake of his success, but
Ice-Rod could actually give Slim cause for worry. A recent performance at the Entry saw the diminutive rapper in
commanding control of the stage, despite the fact that he was hobbled by crutches and a CD player that routinely
fucked up his backing tracks. But his rhymes are the real star, alternating between the grimly hilarious and the flat-
out absurdist. This record’s formal release has been much delayed--but that’s a good thing. Until Ice Rod’s 7-inch
hits all the stores, you’ll have to let him blow your mind in person” - Nick Phillips City Pages, 2003

“Gaughan is probably one of the more fun and important local artists/musicians of this century” - Peter S. Scholtes City Pages, January 23, 2006

“Probably one of the strangest performances you will ever see in your life. Period. Intelligent but strange.” Pulse
of the Twin Cities, August 13, 2003 - Pulse of the Twin Cities, August 13, 2003

“The man behind Ice-Rod’s mustache, Michael Gaughan (a.k.a. Brother of Brother and Sister), is marginally famous
for subverting the ‘serious’ art of rock ‘n’ roll, rap, and even sculpture with witty charisma and balls-out goofiness.
Ice-Rod is no exception” - Chuck Terhark City Pages January 25, 2007

“Michael first got some attention in Minneapolis when he started performing as the rat-tailed rapper Ice-Rod, blow-
ing away skeptics at MC battles and taking hip-hop audience participation beyond the realm of ‘throw your hands in
the air....’” - Lindsey Thomas City Pages August 3, 2005

Ice Rod, or, um, “the booty census taker” as he calls himself, is sheer genius. There’s probably a Scribble Jam MC that he’ll remind you of but we’re catching shades of MC Serch, Del, and even Kool Keith in this guys flow. He’s at the Stand Up Comedy store this Sunday so act like you know.


"It's about Sex and Hip Hop" - released 2007



I graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2002.
Based out of Minneapolis MN, I have been rapping as ICE ROD since 2002, and have gotten some good press and attention. I balance my time between "ICE ROD", my rock group with my sister "BROTHER AND SISTER" and my visual artwork.

I am coming from a positive place. I find myself making music to bring something positive to other people’s lives, to create something enjoyable for people to experience.
I use original humor and personal imagery to convey themes of sexual openness, family, fun, and defiance. My personal ideals of feminism, equality, open sexuality, and my respect for community; combined with my disgust with following rules (and authority in general) influence my visual, performance based, rap music. I like creating work that audiences can interact with such as my "Paper Airplanes" rap where I pass out paper to a crowd, rap instructions how to make paper airplanes and then rap about the importance of recycling.

ICE ROD is about sex and hip hop. Good rhymes, lots of skill, lots of fun.