Ice Station Impossible

Ice Station Impossible


Ice Station Impossible(ISI) is a combination of musicians who have been playing the local music scene for years. ISI delivers a refreshing blend of post hardcore, hard rock, and melodic pop rock. ISI blends an energetic live show with catchy vocal harmonies and memorable riffs.


Although in its current incarnation, the band has only been playing together for half year. The members who comprise "Ice Station Impossible are veterans of Boston Rock and Roll. The bands first half dozen shows have turned out 50+ fans and the fan base is building. In March 2008 the band will be going into the studio to record its first official demo.


4 Song EP (2008)
1. Dust to Water
2. Cut Off
3. Faries and Candy
4. Destruction of Self

Set List

A broken head and a broken heart
Faries and Candy
Cut Off
Dust to Water
This Pivotal Point
Cute with out the E (Taking Back Sunday cover)
Destruction of Self