BandHip Hop

IceTreis' passion for the Lord combined with his energy and creativity, helps to create raps that spiritually stimulate, and emotionally invigorate the audience.


I am IceTrei the Master Chef of Christian Rap. I am here to let you know a little about myself and why I do what I do. Well I am a christian rapper from Columbus Ohio. Where I did a mini tour of Ohio with the band Windrush in the summer of 2009. This tour included the Freedom Praise Festival which had a record setting 600 people show up to it this year. I moved to Knoxville Tennessee. Here I have spread my wings and began to take off as a rapper. As I do charity shows and I also concerts at the Children's Home in Knoxville. I not only rap but I serve our country in the Army National Guard. So I am a rapping Christian soldier. Now you know a little bit about me, here is why I do what I do. I have always loved working with children and teens and recently have begun working with homeless ministries and inner city ministries. I have realized through all of this that Love is missing in our world. And so through the Lords gift of rap to me I am sending out his message of love. Cause Christ loves everyone more than you can imagine. And I am lucky I found his love I just hope I can help others find it to. I do this through both humorous and stimulatingly serious lyrics. I hope that my audience can find the love and pass it on to others like it was done for me.


I have a CD out called Holy Trump. I also have a new CD coming out in the next year. I have two tracks off my CD that are getting airplay on WJBCTheNet. These are IceTrei and Holy Trump. I also have one music video for the Holy Trump and I am in the middle of recording and directing my next song and music video based on some soldiers in Iraq.

Set List

My typical set list looks something like this: Welcome to The Show, I love Youthgroup, She Will be Loved, Devotional, Awesome God, FreeStyle (crowd involvement), Bump, Holy Trump, IceTrei. My set lasts 45 minutes to an hour and 12 minutes depending on how pumped the crowd is. I can always add or take away from this list to fit whatever is needed of me.