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The best kept secret in music


"Icewater on Tap (excerpt)"

By Christopher Hodge
Gazette Staff
March 16/04

Icewater has been a local fixture on the London bar scene for over a year and has established a small but dedicated fan base that [the band] affectionately refer to as the “Icewater Legion.”

“We played a year of regular shows at the Rose & Crown to a mostly university crowd. It gave us some good exposure,” he says. “But being a cover band will only work for so long. It allows you to get to know the band and get tighter musically, while still being able to work on original material.”

Moore explains that over the summer, Icewater had a crucial discussion and agreed upon a new direction for the band.

“As soon as the summer hit, we realized the cover thing had to go,” he says. “Because of all the history the band had though, all we had to say was, ‘Boo, this is how it’s going be.’ Quite a few fans have come along with us, giving us a fan base a lot of other indie bands don’t normally have right off the bat.”

As a music student, Moore admits the response from the music faculty has been surprisingly positive. He says that although rock music is often frowned upon in a classical institution, many of his professors are encouraging.

“You would think that the profs would shy away from something like this, but it’s been quite the opposite,” Moore says. “They’ve given us a kick, and said, ‘Guys, this is a great way to apply what you’re learning’. A lot of the stuff we are learning has also heightened the rock experience.”

Moore emphasizes that the band’s use of irregular time signatures comes from the theoretical background they learned in school. Although the band is surviving on a student’s budget, it hasn’t impeded their ambitions, he says.

“I don’t think we have it any worse off than any of the other indie acts. Whether you’re working a full-time job, or going to school, finding time is a challenge. I think we are in a unique position. Going to school keeps us thinking about music all the time. Someone working in a factory during the day and playing at night doesn’t have that luxury,” he says.

With their new regular gig lined up at The Spoke, Moore says Icewater has begun thinking about their long-term goals. He’s adamant that the band has become more than a temporary distraction until graduation; he believes they have a bright future in store.

The band has also begun work on recording new material. Moore admits that although he is proud of their first independent CD, it is a work in progress and only a starting point for the band. They plan to push for a harder, more aggressive sound on their next CD.

“We have been writing quite a bit,” Moore says. “Each person will bring something to the table, and we will try out each other’s ideas and sounds. Now that we are more cohesive, Icewater’s sound is coming together.

“Our first album was a fair representation of where we were going. But we’re thinking a bit differently for the next one, and having the sound come together with a bit more consistency.” - The Gazette

"Hot Sheet - Icewater (February)"

London rockers, Icewater, are taking some time off from live gigs to record a new four-song demo with producer, and drummer, Matt Weston. If you simply cannot wait to hear more of Icewater's unique brand of rock, they have recently posted three new Mp3's recorded at Call the Office on their Web site ( Check them out!

- Brandon Eedy - Scene Magazine

"Club Scene"

Icewater is set to refresh a Call the Office crowd Saturday night, along with local acts Chris Graham and Chasing Arcadia.
The rock quartet consists of Ike Moore on vocals, Kevin Kennedy on guitar, Dave Braumberger on bass, and Matt Weston on drums. However, every member of Icewater is a multi-instrumentalist.
Icewater thrives on being an independent group, as its members take responsibility for all finances, promotions and bookings. Moore explains, "It's nice to have a handle on all of this so that we realize first hand all the hardships that as associated with being in a rock band at this level. That way, we'll never take it for granted."
Icewater formed at UWO when three of the four members were completing their music degrees. the band has performed more than 100 shows in the London area.
While Icewater has headlined plenty of shows, the guys have also shared the stage with such big name acts as Blue Rodeo and Ashley MacIssac.
Icewater is currently wrapping up work in the recording studio and is planning to release new material soon.
Saturday's all ages/licensed show begins at 9:30pm. Cover is $6.
- London Free Press

"Icewater Do It For The Kids"

(519) Revue
by: Patrick Finch
August 4-10, 2005

London's Icewater are bringing their melodic, Trews-esque stadium rock to the Circus Room. The quartet has made quite a name for themselves in their hometown with their fanclub, the Icewater Legion, now clocking in at over 300 members. They've made their fans, one-by-one, by playing as often as possible and by making sure that their live show was second to none.

Music has always played such an important role in the lives of Ike Moore, (vocals), Kevin Kennedy, (guitar), Dave Braumberger, (bass), and Steve Deline, (drums), that they're not even playing for money, (well, not always). They've recently aligned themselves with the charity organization Play For The Children, a non-profit collective of musicians who just play for the kids, raising money for Child Find, the Children's Hospital Of Western Ontario, and other important foundations.

Check out London's best at the Circus Room on August 6 with alien-headed hard-rocks, Drive By Satellite. Doors at 9:30pm, $5 cover. - Echo Weekly

"Review: Icewater's Meltdown"

Recorded at The Swamp, London based Icewater's third indie release is a 3-song EP that gives listeners a brief sample of the band's heavy rock/pop sound. Meltdown opens with the bass-dominated Take Me Down, a track that gives a clear indication of the band's affinity for thick guitar chords, shifting rhythms and thought provoking lyrics. The pessimistic tone of Addicted (Fame and Fortune) tells every band's story about the relentless quest for stardom is all about. The EP closes with the Who-influenced Bookburner, another band original with a decidedly retro feel that
features Ike Moore's kenning vocals.

Grade: B

-John Sharpe
- Scene Magazine

"Two Members Of Icewater To Tour With Neverending White Lights"

November 6th, 2005


Two members of Icewater, guitarist Kevin Kennedy and bassist Dave Braumberger are set to begin a tour with renowned Canadian artist "Neverending White Lights" as part of the band.

Neverending White Lights is a groundbreaking new collaborative concept from Canadian recording artist/producer Daniel Victor. The debut album, ACT I - goodbye friends of the heavenly bodies, features over a dozen artists, including members of: Ours, Hum, Alexisonfire, Finger Eleven, Shudder to Think, Creeper Lagoon, 311, The Velvet Teen, Starflyer 59, The Black Maria, Our Lady Peace, The Watchmen, Age of Electric, and others. If you are not yet familiar with the concept behind NWL, check out

On the album Daniel played all the instruments, and while Daniel is super talented, even he is not capable of playing them all at the same time. So, Dan had to go find himself some people to play the material live. That's where Kevin Kennedy and Dave Braumberger of Icewater come in. Also joining them will be Jason Pierce of the Weekend. Confirmed special guest for the tour will be Jimmy Gnecco and Ours!
- Press Release

"Cool Rock"

by John Sharpe
Music Editor, Scene Magazine
Oct. 30/03

The four members of local rock band Icewater met as music students at Western. While Kiss brags about its "Army", Icewater is equally proud of its ever-expanding fan club, The Icewater Legion. Word is the Legion will soon be treated to a healthy dose of Icewater when the group releases its debut, self-titled, indie CD. - The Gazette

"Icewater Turns a Corner"

by Joe Scott
Writer, Scene Magazine
Nov. 13/03

By day, vocalist Ike Moore, guitarist Kevin Kennedy, bassist Eric Varillas and drummer Matt Weston are enrolled in UWO's Faculty of Music, where they are serious and devoted students, and members of the classical orchestra. However, by night, they make up the London Rock band Icewater, a raucous, irreverent, fun-loving entity that's far removed from the somber and mellow tones one associates with an orchestra. Must make their professors furious, don't you think?

"Actually, no," said Moore, laughing when asked about their professors' reaction to their extra-curricular activities. "They think it's fantastic, and they're telling us to go for it."

The foursome decided to put together a rock band just over a year ago as a hobby. They started out playing covers at small pubs like The Rose and Crown, and quickly gained some respect around town for their tight and obviously skilled playing. After a while they grew tired of playing rock covers and started writing their own material. But Moore admits it was playing covers that helped them define their sound, and earned them a fan club called the Icewater Legion, which is coming up on about 200 members now.

"Over the course of a year, we've got a whole ton of people on board with our fan club," he said. "All of our fans really support us, by coming to gigs and visiting our website at We really couldn't ask for more dedicated fans."

After writing and playing original material, the band's next logical step was the release of their first CD. Well, that goal will be accomplished this month when they unveil their independent debut. Produced by drummer Matt Weston, the CD is already receiving high praise by many throughout the city.

"We're all trying to scrape by with part-time jobs and school, so we didn't have a lot of money to record the CD," said Moore. "But at all the gigs we held last year, we all made a promise to each other to keep all the money that we made over the course of that year, and put it into the band."

Somehow or other the band found themselves with the money to record this past September, and Moore said they're really proud of the results. He said the disc contains a mixed bag of styles and influences, which Moore believes people will enjoy once they've heard it.

"I would just say, give it a try, and come on out," he said about the CD release party. "We're going to do a real nice overview of the album (at the party,) and if people come out and give us a chance, I think it'll be a good night for them. We're ready to rock this town!" - Scene Magazine

"Hot Sheet - Icewater (March)"

After a one-month delay, London rockers, Icewater ( are finally set to release their new EP, Meltdown. To kick off the launch, the guys invite you to join them on March 26th at Call the Office for their CD release party. Celebrating alongside Icewater are Toronto's Idle Sons, and London's Citizen 'A', so this show is sure to rock your socks off. And the best part is, for only $10 you get admission and a copy of the album. - Scene Magazine


Meltdown (2005)
- 3 song EP
- Streaming available from

Icewater: Unplugged (2004)
- Live, acoustic album
- Streaming available from

Icewater - S/T (2003)
- Indie, 14 Tracks
- Streaming available from


Feeling a bit camera shy


To London, Ontario's Icewater, success is measured one person at a time. For a band that is so young in their career, Icewater has already accomplished so much in the way of achieving this goal. Playing in their hometown of London has cultivated a large fan base, which continues to grow. Their fanclub, The Icewater Legion - aptly named in reference to Kiss's "Army" - has reached over 300 members. Locally, Icewater has been honoured with two music award nominations: The London Music Award (Pop Rock) and The Jack Richardson Music Award (Rock).

Icewater's third independent release, "Meltdown", showcases how far the band has progressed since its inception. The 3 song EP combines Icewater's knack for socially-poignant lyricism and dark surging musical composition on tracks like "Bookburner" and "Addicted" and their ability to deliver surging, raw emotion on tracks like "Take Me Down".

The disc's opening track, "Take Me Down" delivers a kind of sonic thrust that evokes emotional upheaval in listeners. The powerful, anthemic melody soars as the music drives relentlessly beneath it. The melodic bass line is masterfully voiced to offer a consistent support to the song, while presenting a memorable hook that compliments the equally brilliant vocal melody.

"Bookburner" distils some of the best elements of Icewater's music: shifting dynamics, huge choruses, and tight arrangements. An insistent unison guitar and bass riff lays the groundwork for the song's high-energy yet haunting character. This obstinate hook is distinctly and notably Icewater's own, and helps to truly explain their original, yet marketable sound, which is present in all of their material.

"Addicted" is a relentless, percussive song that truly defines Icewater's musical intentions and lyrical force. The listener's expectations are continually thwarted as the song shifts from having a hard, unyielding bass and guitar driven energy throughout the verses to a highly melodic, peaceful chorus. This shift is reflective of the song's lyrical content, where all is not as it seems and 'addiction' is viewed as unpredictable.

To truly appreciate and understand Icewater's musical force and ambition, a live show must be witnessed. One of the most energetic live music experiences available in the Canadian music industry today, Icewater will draw you into their on-stage energy within seconds of their opening chords, and will not cease to have you enthralled until the night comes to a close. Since their inception, Icewater has played over 100 live shows in London and surrounding areas. They have headlined many notable shows of their own and members of the band have shared the stage with acts like The Marble Index, Project Wyze, Hurst, Blue Rodeo, C'mon, Idle Sons, Bobnoxious, Magneta Lane, Out of Your Mouth, The Mark Inside and Ashley MacIssac.

With all of this, Icewater continues to push forward in the Canadian rock industry with the firm belief that they have more fans to find and shows to play. Icewater continues to rock any stage that will have them and the road to success seems to be getting shorter.