Icewind Blast

Icewind Blast


Icewind Blast plays melodic death metal. We're from Moscow, Russia.

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OOO "Maks-M"
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Written By: Icewind Blast

My anger is aimed at you
Fucking wrecking my dead brain
Let me take a last breath
Before witnessing my death
There’s strong pain inside me
It hurts to the bone
Wash your hands in my blood
Shoot me, let me be alone

Death is all what you have to give
Like a shotgun of pot to my head
Set me free, I’m nothing
No feelings, no way back
I’ve seen your little piss off
There’s a better choice than yours
Backstabbing, tormented
I hate all of what you do

You know I’m dead
Falling down in black
I lead my way
Where detestation awakes

Surrounded by shadows
The nothing I’ve become
Get closer to evil places
No dreams of better days
There’s strong pain inside me
It hurts to the bone
Wash your hands in my blood
Shoot me, let me be alone


Written By: Icewind Blast

Silent whisps
It’s time to kill
Full moon light
And cold of steel
You’re waiting to die
You’re trying to hide
I thirst to see your flowing tears
I wanna smell your growing fears

I hate mankind and I draw a knife
I wanna kill all you
fucking bastards again
Terror and hate you see in my eyes
I feel no fear when my victim
have to die

I hear your screams
It’s time to die
Fear in your eyes
Under darkness of sky
You’re screaming so loud,
But earlier you were so proud
I have come for your life
Now I have to decide
Fly away soul
Life has faded in your eyes
The noise is dying now
And no more fucking cries
You’re going to hell
Night falls everywhere
Blood’s running through the wounds
No more praying to your gods

Icewind Blast

Written By: Icewind Blast

Today I saw the last rays of light
Life and death are waiting for my choice
Pain and weariness have paralysed my soul
In the tomb you’ll hear my silent voice

In my eyes I have no light of life
In my soul there are no human feelings
I’ll be back to your defiant world
Like a shadow of the cursed wizard

Icewind blast blows out my feelings
I am dying, I am bleeding
No more pain and no more fear
Time is short ’cause death is near
Now my enemies are laughing
Hell’s awaiting them to burn
I’ll return blessed by the darkness
Like an icewind blast in the silence

You can’t stop my fucking crazy mind
You can’t live without wearing a mask
I’ll wait for you to damnation path
With ice wind that is blowing in the dusk


Written By: Icewind Blast

Everyday I see the same, it won’t fade
Illusions are dying, but now it’s too late. These twisted faces are all around. Fears of the future cover the ground. Nothing to lose, nowhere to go. Ride every moment to turn down this road. Emptiness burns me, oh, yeah I’m so scared. Beware of my life, it’s heavy to bare

There’s no light, there’s no fright, just ice cold feelings. Deep inside I loose myself, a way out, including changes.
Time’s like sand goes away, distant days fading. Need to die or escape...

No more doubt, I need to leave this sinful place. May I go away from this city of death. Show me the right way, where I have to go. Everything around me forever drowned

Since the first day I’ve tried to go away Forget all the pain that I have paid.
I’ve seen the light at the end of the path. Sharp edged ice tears my flesh to the heart. Nothing is going to stop me now. Run far away and refuse the past life. Something draws me, erase the evil and hate. But the clutches of death are all I can stand

There’s no light, there’s no fright, just ice cold feelings. Deep inside I found myself, found the end of hope and fears. Maybe I’d better die or take a deathtrip to hell, but you know, it’s all lies...


Written By: Icewind Blast

When the heaven’s falling down
Can you see the light
Keep your mind and turn around
Staying by my side
Choose your future choose the gun
Or the sharpest knife
You can’t hide and you can’t run
Burnland takes your life

Restless moonlight
Makes you so blind
Losing control
Save your soul

Just a face of the rebelous crowd
Only god can hear your shout
Death comes easy in the war
Like the words of an ancient lore

Dirty games with human fate
Lonely silent nights
Hear me now it’s not too late
Open up your eyes

Leading to the heart of war
Tell this life good bye
Grab your gun and shoot them all
Fuck this world and die

When the sinners start to pray
Deadmen come out of their graves
Bloody revenge for their crimes
For the long and wasted time

Firestorm inside your head
Don’t you know that you are dead
Would you leave it all behind
Looking for the seventh sign

Where the Icy Wind Blows

Written By: Icewind Blast

Tonight I’m riding on sadness wings
And now I’m seeking my hidden way
You know my hands are so bloodstained
I count the minutes and they fade away

Slowly dying light in a blackened heart
My blood will fall to this earth tonight
Cold drops of autumn rain will call
I know which way the icy wind blows

The rope is tied around my neck
I’ll overcome the mighty force of angels
My sins have killed the desire to live
They’re darker than the slayers fantasies

I move away from coming death
It seems like a journey in your dream
My eyes are so cold, like you’ve never seen
There’s no turning point like I need

Coming to the Deadline

Written By: Icewind Blast

Cry for help, silent prayer
There’s the place of death and sorrow
Night by night, day by day
You don’t wanna see tomorrow
Pray for us, die for us
If can’t be just a free man
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I’ll show you shadowly deathland

If you want to live in sin
I can’t help you anyway
No one walks against the wind
No one wants to be afraid
Time has come to rise or fall
In the ruins of a broken life
If you want to save your soul
Maybe you will stay alive

Coming to the deadline
I can take your breath away
Waiting for the frightful night
I will make you stay

Whisper from the darkness
From the deep inside of you
In the sea of madness
I will kill you too

Sacrifice, it’s your price
Fear is running through your veins
Talk to me, lie to me
No protection, I’m enslaved
Devil’s eyes, open fire
You can see, but you can’t tell
Endless war it’s so much more
Burn inside a fucking hell

If you try to understand
There’s an empty space for you
Heaven calls, what do you do
Easy death is coming soon
Angels clear your crazy mind
And forgive your sins again
War is over, time goes by
In a new eternal way


Necropolis (2008, LP)

Set List

Necropolis LP is about 45:45.

1. Detestation
2. Bloodspiller
3. Icewind Blast
4. Necropolis
5. Burnland
6. Where the Ice Wind Blows
7. Ghosts of Dawn
8. Coming to the Deadline