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I.C. Green

Austell, Georgia, United States | SELF | AFTRA

Austell, Georgia, United States | SELF | AFTRA
Band R&B Singer/Songwriter


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Part Time Stunna"

Mr. Green is definitely a talent; experienced & seasoned as well. i liked that he's coming just a little bit different-still accessible but he has his own lane. The music is contemporary but w/ subtle brushes of classic r&b/soul elements along with pop & rock touches. Great Upbeat drums; they do pound. cool finger snaps. nice gtr lines & i loved the added horns in the chorus. There' energy throughout. On top are strong, catchy melodies; they really grab out of the gate; hook gets listener to sing along. Lyrically, it's familiar ground, but it's his own take; there's personality & appeal; great approach for convincing the girl he's the better guy over this "Part Time Stunna". Great Production & Sound. All Around Well done! Hopefully this will be a great kick off for the project. Best of luck!

*Good Music In Verses
*Good music in Choruses
*Memorable "hook"
really catchy and fun. Hook is strong-great melody plus the repeated "oh's" & "o" ending words
*well-written structure
*good sectional contrast
*rhymes well
*communicates emotion to listener
*vocal does help to sell song
a familiar topic, but it's given a fresh treatment. still conveys the thoughts and feelings, but i liked that the tone is kept upbeat. Great vocals and performance.
Overall Rating

- Taxi

"3 song Taxi Review"

Title: Part Time Stunna

Pretty cool. I recall hearing this before. Upbeat and energetic. There's catchiness and memorability with chorus and other "o's". Verse melody is good. Lyrics cover a relatable scenario. I would say (which I may have mentioned before) was that you might add a high harmony vocal part in the chorus for lift. Also, in the breakdown, you add a couple of quick horn stabs for punch.
Status: Forward

Title: Sayin OOoooo
Nice one. Really catchy and singable. Similar to the "o's' above, you have the "oo's" going on here; hook certainly sticks. One thing you might consider is to change up the last line of the chorus instead of repeating the "oo's", or you might try to make the ad-libs on top at the end just a little more distinctive and interesting. Just to give the chorus a bit more of an impactful resolution. Again, the verse melody is good. Great job on the bridge. I like where it takes the song; has strong lift. Also, it's great to hear the falsetto and high notes; really nice vocals.
Status: Forward

Title: Throw'Em Up (A-Town Anthem)
Good. Way to represent. Melodically, the b-section and hook are strong; really memorable; hook pays off. I liked the "Ay's" also - gotta have that. Nice vocal. Great job on the rap; lots of flavor and kicked this song up a notch. Room to make the ad-libs on the final choruses a little more creative; cool falsetto lines though.
Status: Forward
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Fits range of listing - "Soul/Pop/R&B artists in the wide range of Ashanti, Usher, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey, R. Kelly, Alicia Keys, etc."
Overall Comments
Nice submission!
I recall hearing "Part Time Stunna" before. It's cool to hear more stuff. I enjoyed listening No doubt the production is polished and the tracks are there. I.C. has a great feel for melody and makes an effort to have colorful lyrics. Memorable hooks and verses. I thought there was room for the songs to have couple of surprises along the way (for example, the rap on "Throw'Em Up (A-Town Anthem)" was great). You might consider adding if you happen to do some remixes. Also think about giving the hooks even more punch and pay off. I.C. has a really nice voice. On the performances, though, I thought that there was room to push further - really go for it, especially with ad-libs. Also, I think his falsetto is a highlight. He might consider showcasing that more. Overall, as an artist, I respect that he's looking to do something different. Still, my thought is that he could go even more quirky, left, alternative, etc. to set himself apart further - be more unique & distinctive with the music, songs, vocal performances and overall persona a la Andre of Outkast or Lenny Kravitz - that's all. Something to think about. With respect to the listing, even though I'd say this could be stepped up just a notch, I think there is enough here to garner further consideration. So I'm forwarding on. Keep it up and best of luck!
Bio Comments
Well done. Good description of what I.C. is going for - "Touch of Outkast, a Sprinkle of the Beatles, a Dash of Lenny Kravitz, a smidgin of the 60's soul, with a kick of dirty south music, collectively called Dirty Soul Music!!!"
The main reason(s) you were or were not forwarded for this listing is:
Albeit a bit of room to be a little more stand out, it's good music/songs and vocals. Worth further consideration. - Taxi-The Worlds Leading Independent A&R Company


Music rEvolution-(available on itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, CDBaby, etc...)



There are always two sides to a story and likewise two sides to a person. Both are designed to get you to the TRUTH! The Truth is no matter how you look and listen to this phenomenal singer/songwriter/producer/ you’ll say "I.C. Green". On The Flip side of the Taurus/Gemini born, Multi-Platinum and heavily sought after Super Producer Skrapp, Is the Artistic and Visual artist, I.C. Green. Possessing all of the Attributes Skrapp has displayed, from Writing and Vocally Producing records for Whitney Houston, Cupid, and Cristal Que, to Producing Smashes for Akon, 702, and Another Level, to being Usher’s Wingman on the Truth Tour, I.C. Green is more than just a handsome face!

Upon Moving to Hotlanta, Ga, Skrapp hit the streets developing a name thruout the music scene as a dynamic producer, writer, and vocal arranger, all roles that required I.C. Green to take a back seat. But, that didn’t last long for the now Atlanta Transplant!!! Bare witness to the culmination and musical blend of the best that have ever done it!!! The Gumbo that you’re about to taste is flavored with a Touch of Outkast, a Sprinkle of the Beatles, a Dash of Lenny Kravitz, a smidgin of the 60’s soul, with a kick of dirty south music, collectively called Dirty Soul Music!!!

One Taste will Make You open your eyes and say "I.C. Green"!