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The best kept secret in music



ICHABOD’S CRANE is Charity Carleton, a Brisbane-based singer-songwriter who has been playing her brand of acoustic folk in local bars over the past few months.

Her first CD A Live Bird was recorded over a year ago but has only recently become available to the public. Carleton says the recording process was testing, but enjoys the raw quality that resulted from her sessions.

”The recording venue was an upstairs room, at the back of a dance hall, in Albion, under fairly gruelling conditions - intense heat, combined with unforeseen noise from dogs, airplanes, tin roofs blowing in the wind,” Carleton says. “The room was chosen partially due to minimal cost, but also due to it creating this quite beautiful, resonating sound with acoustic music and despite the setbacks, I think this comes across in quite a few tracks.

”Performance-wise, some songs came off beautifully and others not as well as expected. However, there seems to be a raw, unrefined, quality to nearly all the tracks which, for me, adds to their appeal.”

Carleton draws influence from artists driven by using music as expression as opposed to making music for the sake of it.

“Musically, I guess I am most influenced by other artists who seem to be driven by something other than a desire to play music,” she says. “Some kind of expression of themselves just seems to emerge in this musical form, and there appears to be something other than the music really happening.

“Lyrically I am influenced by attempts to convey thoughts, feelings and sensations which I find generally difficult to convey; so they seem to be communicated by pieces of language, which subtly meander around the notion, until somehow you can see an outline of it, even though the thing itself is still invisible.

“I guess stuff like how you felt when you were a kid, or the ludicrousness of social order, or what you think will happen when you die, as well as lots of crazy self-obsessed psychoanalysis.”

Ichabod’s Crane plays the Tongue & Groove Saturday Apr 21
- TIME OFF (Brisbane)- April 2007


a live bird - 9 track EP - 2006



a young lass, upon unleashing her music making, songwriting alter ego, decided to christen it with the name of ichabod's Crane. the title sounds a little like a band name, a lot like a literary character of someone elses devise, & is encumbered with an apostrophe, yet the undeterred solo artist adheres to it nonetheless. she figures that american folk tales and the tails of awkward, beautiful birds, can continue to merge themselves happily enough in those two little words.

so in the past few months, ms. c. carleton has been taking to the stage, under her happy musical moniker and sharing her lyrical musings with the wider world. soft, intriguing vocals and the resonance of acoustic guitar strings, combine to deliver sounds which are sweet, raw and disarmingly unique. audiences in brisbane & melbourne alike, have been unexpectedly taken in.

prior to performing live, ichabod undertook a recording project in january of 2006. tunes birthed during long drives and housebound ponders took on more substance and eventually collected themselves into a 9 track Ep. the Ep was entitled 'a live bird'. making it's way into the minds of unfrugal audience members, record shop gamblers, friends, relatives and myspace addictees, 'a live bird' is slowly yet surely, enjoying a much loved and well complimented life.

set to record again in the latter part of 2007, ichabod's Crane, as the ever-evolving, experimental & simple musical entity that she is, is sure to capture something again lovely, unexpected, & beautifully unique.


PO Box 516, Red Hill, Qld 4059