Ich Bin Chimp

Ich Bin Chimp


Electronic Art-Rock from the dark heart of Kerridge. Ich Bin Chimp are a twisted ice cream van nightmare rolling slowly to a stop on a cobbled street serving disturbing melodic ice lollies. Shades of Talking Heads, Joy Division and The Pixies in Pierrot wrapping paper. Basslines like tidal waves.


The core of ich bin chimp are kerridge trio - rebecca rebecca, jimmi how and their faithful drum machine. Additions to this line-up come and go as they wish but the unshakable base of ludicrously enormous drum beats and massive basslines remain the same.
Music has to be loud. Very VEry Loud! and very very mElodic. And our songs follow this rule without exception.
We love the Sisters of Mercy, March Violets, The Associates, Bowie, Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Stooges, Pixies, The Fall, The Cure, The Smiths, The Ramones and shitloads more and because of this we wanna make music thats hard, loud and that puts a smile on our faces.
We're not expecting to be liked by everyone and we dont want to be. We make music that we listen to and enjoy. We're inspired by performance artists such as Michael Clark, designers such as Leigh Bowery, writers such as Douglas Coupland and Musicians such as those above.


Demo - Bunny God E.P (2005)
1.Smash and Grab
2.Mr Graves Bowler Hat

Demo - Bleeps and Boosters (2006)
1.Coup Electrique
2.Tena Ladies
3.Four or Five Car Pile-Up

Demo - Ich Bin Chimp (2007)
1.Palm to Palm (Cheek to Love, Kiss!)
2.Liono's Black Plague (Sunglasses)
3.Something Like Love

Set List

Smash and Grab
Tena Ladies
Doomed Mammal
Love is a Raisin
Four or Five CAr Pile-Up
Palm to Palm
Coup Electrique
Modern and Completely Alien
In For A Penny
Mr Graves Bowler Hat