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Ichiro Suezawa

 Los Angeles, California, USA

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Bottom of My Heart

Written By: Ichiro Suezawa

Bottom of My Heart
Lyrics/ Ichiro Suezawa , Karla Margallo

I’ve had this feeling,
Since we kissed the last time,
even though it was a sad time.

Each day is the same thing
Going on forever,
Because you echo in my mind.

(Keep on tryin’)
I know I should
(Keep on smilin’)
with all the pain
(Keep on workin’)
to forget about you

(Keep on needin’)
the grief is strong
(Keep on dreamin’)
you were the one
(Keep believin’)
one more try

but I don’t know why
your smile just drive me crazy
all the time.
(Even) though I cry
It still never gonna change
(Just) inside my mind

But I wanna try
To make it happen between us
(Just) one more time
(Even) though time fries
I’m sure I still believe in you
(With) bottom of my heart.

Since you’ve gone from my room
I can’t stay alone there
Because I can’t sand to feel lonely
you stacking in my head
Even though I’m working to start something new from those day