Ichyrus Flight

Ichyrus Flight


Ichyrus Flight makes music for contemplative twilights. There is a quite strength in each word, with a deeper meaning in each simpler phrase. The sound is organic - there are no synthesizers as of yet. The songs tell a story, find a path, ask a question, but leave the end to the imagination.


When Stephen Prickett first picked up a guitar, at the age of fifteen, his hands felt instantly at home. With his preternaturally sharp ear for music, he quickly taught himself to play songs by artists like Dave Matthews and Counting Crows; within a year, he was writing his own. For his sixteen birthday he got a gleaming Cort acoustic-electric; for his seventeenth, an eight-track recorder so he could begin demoing original material. In university, Stephen began playing with longtime friends Andrew and Craig Buston, as well as Dan Stronks. Their attic jam sessions wrought an experimental folk rock aesthetic: infectious rhythms, ambient electric effects, and earnest vocals. In March 2006 Stephen was offered a show in a church basement, and asked his friends to come along for support. Andrew, Craig and Dan were joined by one of Stephen's high school friends on violin, and the concert went so well that they decided to form a serious band. After only three practices, the group placed third in UWO's Battle of the Bands. Ichyrus Flight now includes cellist Leanne Korpan and violinist Jacqueline Stronks, lending their gorgeous strings to Stephen's dusky strummed verses and swelling choruses. The band has spent the summer rehearsing, recording their debut, and playing the odd local venue.



Written By: Stephen Prickett


We find out
You're dreaming if you say that you're fine now
Hoping we believe when you fall out
You're just beginning to see
The days we stop and take a look at the rest of us
Crawling around like there's nothing left
All you need to see is the sky
Yeah there's life
Open all the doors
Leading to the holes
Where the cold sleeps
In your darkened dreams
You know you're not changing
And no you're not leaving, you're lonely
When you don't know where you're going anymore
You fill your days
The myriad simple things
Try to keep the distance at bay
Try to push your future away
But it's not the same
Your smile- beautiful or cynical
It's all in your own way

Patchwork Girl

Written By: Stephen Prickett

patchwork girl seen in many lights
patchwork girl bleed the dull dyes
patchwork girl need no broken lies
patchwork girl the sparrow still flies

another face once known and gone
another piece to stitch back on

patchwork girl underneath the rain
patchwork girl she never feel the pain

don't you see the sun is rising
the water's coming
sweeps you off your feet and
takes you on past these days
when the dreams beyond your reach - they take you on

we'll never see the day you give up on your faith
we'll never see the day you give up on your hope


Written By: Stephen Prickett

Deep in reddish dusk the sunset glows
always feels like here confusion goes
Silhouette your soul in failing light
feelings grow as your sight begins to die
Words like glass will break so keep them close
lost here in the silence you will find your hope
underneath bright lights the air is clear
and all around you the calm allays your fear
Then the shadows soon come clean in the places you're afraid to see
the stillness finds your heart
a sound that sets two worlds apart
…night will find the air so clear, see through all your troubles here


Debut album "Beneath the Music From a Farther Room" currently available. contact ichyrusflight@gmail.com

"I would like to extend my gratitude to the band for giving me a copy of their new release "Beneath the Music from a Farther Room." Overall I find the album delightful! It very convincingly transcends space, through all the metaphors that are invested in the work. Stephen Prickett's lyrics are crafted and delivered beautifully through the rich timbral quality of his voice. The instrumentation is unique and projects the visual imagery that the lyrics set out to convey. These elements are heightened by the recording quality and craftsmanship of Bob Hiltz. I find that 'Patchwork Girl' and 'Playing Your Causes' are especially emblematic of the band's ability to harness the listener with their art. The album is sincere, crafted, and embodies a poetic vision that goes beyond the clichés that are disseminated and embraced by the mainstream." - Barry Promane

Set List

What Have You heard?
Faces in the Sandbox of Time
For a Grey Sky
Another Recovery
Swift on Your Way
Sketch the Wind
Patchwork Girl
Playing Your Causes

For a longer set they may play more acoustic songs, or incorporate covers (usually Coldplay, Radiohead, Matthew Good, Counting Crows, Tragically Hip, Dave Matthews)