ICON is a live electro phenomena fusing electronica, rock, punk and burlesque into an atmospheric, post modern, hybrid.


At this year’s Splendour in the Grass (Australia), ICON’s regular five-piece band is streamlined in favour of an electronic mix combining the remarkable voice of Arianne Schreiber and astute musical direction of Simon Pilton. Arianne is an extraordinary vocalist who has worked with the Alabama 3, Rennie Pilgrem, Crookers, Howie B, George Michael and more. She has had underground dance floor hits with X-Lover, Different Gear and 4 strings; a top 40 hit with Manchild; and her music has been used in a Rimmel tv commercial with Kate Moss and two Dolce & Gabbana commercials. Simon Pilton aka The Seed is an exceptionally talented musician, writer and musical director who has worked with David Jordan, JTWR, Wasp Factory and Eddie Izzard.

Based in both Byron Bay and London, ICON fuses electronica, rock, punk and burlesque into an atmospheric, post modern, hybrid. Both brooding and electrifying, ICON is a live electro phenomena, not to be missed. Currently working with Mike Chapman, former producer for Blondie and The Knack, ICON’s first album, Smash My Box, is appearing this year, along with a new single with Rennie Pilgrem, "Dance with Me".

ICON have recently played London at Fabric supporting The Pendulums, Jazz Cafe supporting Babylon Circus and headlining at Jazz Cafe and Barfly.



Written By: icon

things just happen
cant change the way that they work out
circumstances i wish i could but i dont write the script
everyhting changes like it does
and all my world is different
its the same for you
its the same for us two

ooo if you love me
then you'll let me go
if ou want me
you will always know
where to go and where i am
not when and what we do
we'll always be different
we'll be me and you

if i could be giant
for just one moment
i could see all things in new perspective
if i could be giant
for just one moment
i could breathe in be my true reflective

things have patterns
they come in cycles they just do
until you're reay for something new
turning pages of your life
to a brand new chapter
it doesnt have to stay
stuck in some groundhog daybreak
oo (bridge)

mid 8
nothing seems to get through to you and i am tired
i cannot hold this light all on my own
heaven hold it love it loathe it
want it won't it heaven hold it

cmon baby let me let me back in
i'll be what you want me to
cmon baby let me let me in
i'll do anything for you
cmon baby let me let me back in
i will be there always for you
cmon baby let me let me in
i'll be anything you want me to
IF i was giant i'd be big enough


"Smash My Box" album due out late 2010, produced & co-written by legendary Mike Chapman of Blondie fame.

"Dance With Me" - Rennie Pilgrem (Thursday Club Recordings, April 2010)

"12 Step Plan" - Alabama 3, featured vocals on three tracks (March 2010)

"Revolver Soul" - Alabama 3, featured vocals (Hostage Music, 2010)

"Trash Me" - X Lover co writer and feature vocals (City Rockers, 2006)

"Worry" - Different Gear co writer Arianne Schreiber (LazyEye Records 2005)

"Nothing Without Me" - Manchild Top 40 hit, vocals, (One Little Indian, 2001)

"Smoke + Mirrors, featuring George Michael" - album, Trigger, Arianne Shreiber, James Jackman & Jim Thomas. (Triggermusic 2001)

"Running Free" for Rimmel with Kate Moss. Playpen (2007)
"Dancefloor" for Dolce & Gabbana (Stylophonic - 2006 & 2007)