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"Me I'm Just Me!" The witty rhymes, slick lyrics, upbeat instrumentals, and heartfelt lyrics are all done by me. A clever hip hop artist redefining the boundaries and image of hip hop with a boy band look with the swag of Weezy. You never know which angle I'll be coming at you from next...


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, 18 year old Icon has lived and breathed music since he was a young boy. Growing up he was captivated by all genres of music ranging from country, to rock, to hip hop. It was not until he reached Junior High School that Icon recognized his true passion for hip hop music. As a 6th grade student Icon began writing his first songs and laying down his first musical tracks. Since those first days he has dedicated his life to music and has been on an uphill journey ever since. During these same years Icon was hit with tragedy, losing numerous family members due to disease and ultimately death. It was at this time that music became his escape from the world around him. It became a way for Icon to release the emotions bottled up within his soul. He knew as well that the emotions and words he wrote and spoke would speak for those who were unable to and enable others to overcome their pain and struggles.

When asked about which artists have had the most impact on him, Icon flashes a smile and plainly states “Usher, Gwen Stefani, Nelly, Chamillionaire, and since he broke out onto the scene Akon.” Now days most hip hop seems to bring forth a flat lined style that consists of nothing more than one line chorus’s and simple rhyme schemes, Icon overturns this trend by bringing forth witty and complex rhymes, true to the heart lyrics, and brings back the element of fun not violence to hip hop. Almost contrary to the stereotypical hip hop artists’ Icon does not take part in partying, drinking, or drugs. Not only does young Icon have his head on straight with a growing career in music he as well has a blossoming career in acting, modeling, music production, and now dance.

His life is dedicated to his art. He works and trains daily and is a graduate of Project Greenroom and John Robert Powers. Icon is a remarkable individual that has a commanding presence just as strong off stage as he does on. Icon is ready to shine and already traveled quite far on his road for greatness. Look into any kids’ life and you will see tragedies and triumphs, lives lost and fortunes won, epic struggles that play out every day, invisible to most citizens. Yes, there are a million stories in the life of any kid, and Icon recognizes how important it is that his music be heard. “You have so many kids chasing dreams and overcoming struggles who would die for a chance to tell their stories”, says Icon. “And I have a medium, so it’s my point of duty to tell that story and let that story be heard.”


Shouldn't Be So Hard

Written By: Cameron Icon Giddings

Every time I fall, I fall so hard (fall so hard)
Thinking to myself, like oh my god (oh my god)
Blood pressure is risin
So exciting so delightin
But the first week we fightin
Why stay and keep tryin
Oh wait what's it mean (what's it mean, what's it mean)
Oh wait the same ol thing (same ol thing)
Thinkin to myself like what is this
If she wasn't so fine I wouldn’t trip
Wrapped around her finger tightest grip
The way I act it makes me sick
All I'm really wantin is her love (is her love)
Can't find the one for me I'm outta luck (i'm outta luck)
Why is it so hard to love and trust (love and trust)
Or just pick up the phone and call me up (call me up)

Shouldn't be so hard to show you care
Shouldn't be so hard to say you're there
Shouldn't be so hard to say I'm loved
Shouldn’t be so hard to kiss and hug
Shouldn't be so hard to show your mine
Shouldn’t be so hard to spend some time
Shouldn't be so hard for love to last
Shouldn't be so hard to leave the past
Shouldn't be so hard to be your man
Shouldn't be so hard to understand
Shouldn't be so hard to call me up
Shouldn't be so hard to love and trust
Shouldn't be so hard to make this work
Shouldn't be so hard to put me first
Shouldn't be so hard to take this far
Take this far, take this far

I'm cool if you kick it with your friends (with your friends)
But don't blow me off girl just for them (just for them)
All I want is a little respect
And to feel love not neglect
Don’t try and say there's time to text
Or that you can't call cause you need to rest
Boo you know I'm out here grindin too (grindin too)
No matter what I'm makin time for you (time for you)
All I expect is the same in return
The way you actin has me concerned
Not that your cheatin and I'm getting burned
But I can't love you on your terms
There's no reason I should feel like this (feel like this)
How come when I ask to chill you have to trip (have to trip)
I'm not just some ol' flame with benefits (benefits)
I'm your lover cravin your companionship (companionship)



Cameron "Icon" Giddings - Crazy Love - 2008

Set List

Crazy Love! Pop. Hip-Hop, R&B! A crowd pleaser that can go from heavy in your face club tracks to genuine love songs. Cameron "ICON" Giddings brings over a decade of experience & a vast musical library consisting of masses of songs. A typical solo performance is 45 minutes to half an hour:

Icon Orginals:

Seam My Name
Around The World
Natural Love
Hey Momma
Shouldn't Be So hard
Way You Work That
Crazy Love
Cut The Act
Gettin' It
Baby Boy
Guess I'll Play
I'll Be Your Shawty
More and More
Run My City
Outta Here
The Greatest
Fall back
Better Than This…