Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Iconoclast: Rock 'n Roll at it's finest with a focus on melody.


Formed: 2006 in Ottawa, Ontario

Influences: Hard rock, classic rock, alternative rock

Rock and roll isn’t a medium made for print. It’s a medium made for live enjoyment. Iconoclast. Not a band to be written about, but a band to see live.

From the stage of Ottawa’s world renowned Bluesfest, to opening for bands such as Theory of a Deadman, Finger Eleven, Rival Sons, or Danko Jones, Iconoclast never fails to deliver hard hitting, high energy entertainment. If you’re still reading, and not listening to their latest release “They Were Right About Us” in the background, you’re doing it wrong.

Songs like ‘Empire’, or the instantly recognizable ‘I Run’ have been catching on quickly with DJ’s, being heard everywhere from Ottawa’s own NHL stadium during Senators’ games, to radio, and podcasts across the country.

Iconoclast is Marc Bourgon on lead vocals, Mike Corkum on guitar, Michael Korn on guitar and backing vocals, Fahim Rahman on bass, and Marian Dej on drums.


Are We Dying

Written By: Marc Bourgon,Dave Di Ubaldo,Michael Korn,Michael Corkum,Marian Dej

The final nail in the coffin
The words you spoke, killing often
So scrape me off of the bottom
And bury me with nothing

As we pass the time
you change your mind
Didn't take too long to break your word
Leave me in the dirt, leave me in denial
And now you've ruined me
for all the world

Hey - Are we ever gonna change?
Are we dying
Hey - I don't need you anymore
Are we dying
Hey - do you know that we're the same?
Are we dying
Hey - I don't feel you anymore

You strike me down with your anger
The words you speak are hitting harder
Beneath your feet the ground is crumbling
We disappear into oblivion

Got no sympathy
Got no room to breathe
Got no conscience left
or anyone to comfort me
Leave me in the dirt
leave me in denial
And now you've ruined me
for all the world

Forced myself to take the blame
Forced myself avoid the shame
Nothing changes me
I'll always be the same
But you've pushed me to my knees


Written By: Marc Bourgon,Dave Di ubaldo,Michael Korn,Michael Corkum,Marian Dej

In the corner of a dark bar
Cigar smoke rising
In the shadow of a giant
And the warmth of a fire
Feel the winter chill
Makes use of a liar
Can't escape what's left
The death of her childhood

Turned her back on home
Now she's all alone
Never gonna feel anything

Magdalena's laid to rest
Smoke gets in her eyes
And the tears do mix
All the clothes she wears are black
And all the thoughts she has are smashed
Magdalena's laid to rest

She moves about the room
Light as an angel
Only some will see
The beauty's a bandage
She speaks to me
With the voice of a choir
She's here but gone
And death is beside her

Whatever takes you away
Is the drug you choose


Home EP - Released June 2006

Iconoclast EP - Released September 2008

Through the Grey (Single) - Released August 2011

Are We Dying - Released March 2012

They Were Right About Us - Released November 2015

All of Iconoclast's material is available for purchase at CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com) and on iTunes (www.apple.com/itunes). Select tracks can be streamed and purchased on the band's website (www.iconclast-band.com)

Set List

Iconoclast's set lists will consist of the majority of songs from the 2015 EP release They Were Right About Us, 2012 full length release Are We Dying, the 2008 self-titled EP, and the 2006 Home EP. Average song length is 3:30.