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"Louder Than Hell Interview"

LTH: What's the latest with Icons?

Mack Colvin: Currently we are performing on a 5 day tour run with friends of ours in a band called Altona from Markham / Stouftville area across Ontario and a little into Quebec. As soon as we return we are making our way into the studio to record a split record with a band from Detroit, Michigan called Adversary which should be released for the Summer time, with an announcement of a release tour run and line of kick off shows for it.

LTH: People become musicians for a wide variety of reasons. What are the factors that originally inspired you to play music? Are you playing for the same reasons today as you were when you started? Why or why not?

Mack Colvin: I originally started playing music as a side hobby to just hangout with some very close friends of mine and play music we really enjoyed and felt passionate about. I feel now as I’ve grown with age and experience that I still hold on to those same inspirations and motivations but I want to progress it further with the message I bring whether it be what I potray our band to be lyrically or even how we potray ourselves on the road and meeting new people, I want everyone to know that we are just best friends playing the music we love for all the right reasons.

Matt Miller: Honestly, just seeing how fun and rewarding it can be to create something and see other people enjoy it and sing along. Best feeling I can describe. Of course it’s the same reasons, mainly because the other guys and I could care less about money. All that really matters to us is if we enjoy what we’re doing and if people enjoy it, that’s great too.

LTH: Whether by using genres and styles or simply adjectives that let people know what your band is all about, please describe your music in your own words. In addition, can you recall a description someone has given about your music that is the most accurate?

Mack Colvin: Honestly over the years our music has evolved not just genre wise but also emotionally. Many people tell us that we bring a raw emotional side to music that most bands just don’t bring these days. If I were to describe it myself, I would say that we are essentially just raw, powerful emotion when we play. Everything I have ever written recently has been from personal experience and feelings I have gone through. When you see us play and see us shout our own words and even bleed all over our guitars, know that this is all we have to offer as a band. We have been described more as "contained chaos."

LTH: Discuss one or more things about your music that distinguishes you from other bands. Please explain what you like about this aspect of the music and why you believe these differences make your band more interesting to listeners.

Mack Colvin: I think more with bands recently, they have been created for the sole purpose of ethier selling out and making it straight to the mainstream media or more simply, to be "cool." Playing in Icons, I can tell you that none of these things I find myself to be in it for. When I play live and I shout until my lungs can’t take it and my head feels like it’s going explode, it’s not because I’m trying to pick up the girl in the front row, or impress the record label representative in the back corner, I’m letting things out of me I never knew I had. I feel like we’re more of an honest band compared to other acts I see today, which distinguishes us from them and gives us some leverage to stick out more.

LTH: Fans love getting to know more about things that inspire their favorite artists. What and who are some of your influences? Please give them a few details about why you like creating music and what things inspire you to make it.

Matt Miller: My main influences would have to be all the guys in Touche Amore, La Dispute and Pianos Become the Teeth. I feel as if I get a lot of my inspiration from them and really look up to them for what they do. The talent they all have to put emotion into their music is incredible. Im sure there is more that I’m forgetting but those are the first that come to mind. I really believe that if you don’t try and put emotions into music, it’s just boring and repetitive. We all hope people feel what we’re trying to express.

LTH: Which of your band's songs do you feel best represents your sound? Why?

Mack Colvin: I would have to go with Broken / Fixed off our January released EP "Portrait of a Mind". The song always feels like two parts for me when we play it, because the way the lyrics are separated into an aggressive argument. It’s split so my guitar player / back up vocalist Matt Miller starts off the song with an accusing angry debate, and I come in at the break with a slightly less aggressive tone to try and combat what was thrown at me. I feel musically when we wrote that song, we went to places as a band I didn’t think we could go, genre wise and emotionally and I absolutely love playing it live and hope that fans of ours or people that have never seen us before get what we were trying to capture when we wrote it.

LTH: Who is the person or people most responsible for helping your band get to where it is today?

Mack Colvin: There are honestly way too many people that have directly supported us, carried us and promoted us as a band, group of friends and just caring people to even try and even list them all here. The amount of support we get all across Canada is still mind blowing to me and I can never thank everyone as much as I would like.

LTH: What has been the most difficult challenge the band has had to overcome? How did you approach this barrier and what did you specifically do to overcome it?

Mack Colvin: In late 2011, we had to make a very depressing goodbye with our founding drummer Alex Downham and guitar player Chris Belanger. Everything we have ever written up to that point was in strong support of their influence and amazing musical talent. To find replacements for them and to keep going strong with a musical project the rest of us had been really attached to, was quite possibly one of the hardest things we had to do as a band. We saw through it though and found suitable fits for us and continued on to where we are today. Our influence and sound could be said to differ very much from our original EP "Songs From Home" which featured both Alex and Chris but I still thinking that we gain influence from their mark on this band even in our newer songs.

LTH: Every person is in some way, a product of his or her environment. How have the things you deal with on a day-to-day basis affected your music? Would you say the music in your home area has influenced your group? Please explain why or why not.

Matt Miller: I know personally, each of us go through different but very similar situations. When we started writing our last EP ‘Portrait of a Mind’, we never completely meant for it to all co-inside with each other. I wrote a song and showed the guys and it fit with what the first few songs were about, and at that time in our lives the theme of the EP was very apparent. So yes I do believe, and not just for me, my day to day events affect our music. In all honesty, I don’t think our area really influences us. London isn’t a place that has a lot of bands like us, and if they do they don’t seem to last very long. It’s very sad and I wish it was the opposite but were hoping things start to change soon.

LTH: Have you opened for any major acts or toured? What is the first performance that pops into your head when thinking about your gigs?

Mack Colvin: A big show that I always recall was our first show with Shai Hulud and Counterparts. This show really sky rocketed the interest in our group and was also very fun to play with some very talented bands as they kicked off the first day of their tour. As a band and group of friends it may us very proud to premiere ourselves in such a matter and really set the tone for the rest of our shows.

LTH: What can your fans expect from your live performances? What particular aspect of your concerts brings in crowds? Please give us some examples.

Mack Colvin: What brings in crowds for us (I hope) is our strong sense of community and friendship. I think when our fans or people that have never seen us before see that we are just five best friends playing music we love together, they have an immediate emotional response to it and when we share these emotions and feelings live in our performance, it keeps them interested and entertained.

LTH: Chemistry within a band very is important. When the band originally formed, what was it about playing with the other musicians that made you the most impressed? What is it about the chemistry between the members that makes the band unique?

Mack Colvin: When the band first started, it was quite literally a couple of highschool students looking to play simliar music and become stronger as friends, and to this day I think nothing has changed form that same goal. Everyone in the band is still my best friend, inside and outside of the band and I still feel very powerful about the music we play. I think that our stage presence and even our presence outside of shows and the band make us very unique in the sense that we are not just talented musicians that came together because of that attraction but we were just friends that were looking to play the same music.

LTH: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your music. What's the next step for the band? Do you have a special event like a concert, tour or release coming up that you'd like to discuss? Please conclude by giving the fans a few parting words.

Mack Colvin: April 25th to April 30th we will be touring around Ontario and upwards into Quebec. Upon us returning we will be going into the studio to record a split record with Detroit, Michigan’s very own Adversary followed by a release tour. Keep checking back on our Facebook page and look fro us around the web. Thanks for all the support and interest, none of it goes unappreciated. - Louder Than Hell

"Portrait of a Mind Interview"

Video Interview - Matt Videography


Songs From Home (EP) - 2012

Goodbye (single) - 2012

Portrait of a Mind (EP) - 2013



"The classic hardcore sound was well-defined and fairly rigid for many years, as bands had to play like "x" in order to be considered as a part of the hxc crowd. However, bands have gotten more imaginative with the style and it's now acceptable for bands to branch out and be a little more progressive in their songwriting. Icons does exactly that. On the band's latest album, "Portrait of a Mind," you will hear musicianship that dares to deviate from the hardcore norm, doing so with style and thoughtfulness".