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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Pop


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i,crime @ Dally In The Alley

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

i,crime @ The Lager House

Detroit, Michigan, USA

Detroit, Michigan, USA

i,crime @ Private Show

Antioch College, Ohio, USA

Antioch College, Ohio, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



I, Crime - 7" release show - 3 / 14 - Old Miami

I, Crime

(photo: Cybelle Codish)


Incorrigibly, music journos across the land get swept up in genre labels…Worse, we start to cook up hybrids, art-punk / math-rock / folk-rap / disco-metal…and on and on…

Sometimes it’s just the bare bones fact that a band is…just…rock...just guitar-bass-drums (and maybe a keyboard…), with hooks and solos; sweet, howling vocals; hard-pounding rhythms and blazing guitar riffs – no need to lose your head and over-complicate things. And..., it can be done well…as it is, by Detroit quartet, I, Crime.

I, Crime take the best of cryptic-nihilistic indie-rock (that reverb-soaked guitar wave with a measured bit of noise scorches) and put a steady backbeat ringing of classic 50’s rock, dizzied by a bit of those rounding riffs that can tighten up and fracture at any second (thing that perfect middle ground where post-punk dipped into 80’s-style neo-psychedelia)…and wrap it up with perfect intertwining boy-girl vocals, the cool wavy mid-range of singer Anderson Walworth paired with Jennie Knaggs sturdy soaring howls, as capable for pop-delicacy as they are rhythm heavy punk rock. All showcased on their latest 7” single “Dove Skin Gloves.” Drummer Charlie McCutcheon and bassist Mike Ventimiglia round out the quartet. Their 7" is the 2nd official release on Woodbridge Records, the pair of songs (with flipside “Candy Stripes”) are winding, burning ballads, fuzzy but fierce guitars, steady rhythms and bittersweet vocals detail the thin line between love and hate, devotion and indifference.


The band releases “Dove Skin Gloves” March 14th at the Old Miami with The Sisters Lucas, The Bitter Tears (from Chicago) and Red Swan (from Lansing). Dig it.

Posted by jeff milo at 12:16 PM - Jeff Milo

“They are fuzzy enough to get next to, but then you realize that that fuzz might be fiberglass insulation. Either way, they’ll help you compulsively scratch the itch with boy-girl harmonies, bittersweet stories and a hang-loose rock swing that are part bubblegum, part L.A.-punk circa 1977.” - Detroit Metro Times

“I, Crime eschew today’s rock n’ roll cliche’ by sculpting clever, non-traditional structures that wind and explore unfrequented areas of the genre. The frenetic and sensitive instrumentation, the relentless hooks, the perfect blend of vocals - this is not your run-of the-mill indie rock band. “ - Shut Eye Records

“Another persuasive woman vocalist fronts the Detroit trio, who have recently topped Browns’ student radio charts. Maybe its because primal stomps like “It Ain’t Right” mow you down in a Volcano Suns meets Evanescence kind of way.” - The Providence Phoenix


"Get The Knife" EP. 2007
"It ain't right" Reached #1 on Brown Student Radio

"Dove Skin Gloves" 7inch 2008

"Spread Like Water/Block The Sun" 12inch 2010
The single "Fight" regularly played on WDET Detroit.

All records available on iTunes and CDbaby as well as http://woodbridgerecords.com/releases/005/



After a fucked up hiatus the band's singers, songwriters, x-flings, Anderson Walworth and Jennie Knaggs are back to rule the stage. I,Crime's seductive storytelling will blow your ears with harsh punk urgency and your mind with excruciatingly gorgeous boy-girl harmonies. I crime has shared the stage with bands like Lightning Love and the Gossip. Check out their latest full length release "Spread Like Water/Block The Sun" on Woodbridge Records.