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"CD Review: ICTUS Vis Inertiae (Independent)"

Vocalist Sarah Jacobs conveys so much haunting frustration and scorn on this 11 track debut that it leaves one to ponder the mental state of this Windsor quartet. Vis Inertiae blends A Perfect Circle, Portishead and Coldplay, specifically on such tracks as "Lamia" and "Resolution." The result is songs that feature palpitating bass lines and resonating percussion pulled from their seemingly sadistic minds. This is an impressive indie debut of a tightly regimented and dynamic group of musicians.

By Christine Estima

- www.chartattack.com

"CD Review: Ictus - Vis Inertiæ (Independent)"

By Monica S. Kuebler
September 10, 2004

The most striking thing about hard alt-rockers Ictus is Sarah Jacobs’ vocals treading somewhere between distain, yearning, dark emotional detachment and the likes of Garbage’s Shirley Manson. They bring a certain completion to the hard, dissident, rock-scapes that the band aspires to. With songs like “Gestation,” “Systematic Solvency,” and “Aphyxia,” there is no disguising the fact that Ictus intend to rock heavy. For the most part, Vis Inertiae, their debut release, does just that, even if at times it does feel a bit rough around the edges. Their music occasionally adopts a grunge feel, while at other moments, produces cuts that call to mind Evanescence and other similarly dark and heavy, female-fronted bands. Vis Inertiae also boasts one standout melancholy and morbid instrumental track, “The Victim.” The quartet, who originally formed in Windsor, ON, just happen to be made up of very learned professionals (in virtually every field but music) and have everything to prove here. Ictus frequently favour complex musical arrangements and noisescape-style dissidence over more pop flavoured hooks and melodies. This works to great effect on approximately two-thirds of the album, making their debut release a relatively strong disc that holds the promise of many great things from this foursome in the future. - www.exclaim.ca

"Live Review: ICTUS @ the Avalon Front"

The dim-lit, atmospheric overtones of the Avalon played host to the eclectic and progressive sounds of Ictus. Celebrating the release of their new CD, (Vis Inertiae) the band spilled their unique blend of softly tinged melodies with metal drudgery onto the full house of their rapidly growing fan base eager to hear selections from the disc.
First thing you notice at an Ictus show is their strong stage presence. All members were uniformed in black dress, justly presenting the shadowy musical foray. Vocalist Sarah Jacobs reminded me of a gothic princess. Her elegant vocal strains complemented the musical storm, calming and soothing the waters in more aggressive moments.
Occasionally the band delved into an underworld of unearthly sounds. However, their intense experimentation may have been a bit much to the unfamiliar listener at times. They did throw in a couple of well crafted covers that they very well could have written themselves. Tool's 'Prison Sex' was a valid choice in demonstrating their metallic and organic fury while 'Love Song' by the Cure showed Ictus in more sombre and brooding moments.
Their instrumentation is quite unique. The guitar, bass and drum all strayed from one another, but not so far as to hinder the unity and cohesiveness of the music that is Ictus. It's apparent that this is a band whose members not only listen to and write music, but also study it.
Overall, a strong performance was given at the Avalon. It impressed me so that I felt obliged to support the clan by picking up a copy of Vis Inertiae. I can't wait to hear the full production and treatment of the songs on disc format.

- Upfront - May 2004

"CD Review: Vis Inertiae (Ictus)"

Belying the title of its independent debut CD, Windsor's Ictus proves to be a moveable feast of alternative and metal sounds. With influences that include Portishead and Tool, Ictus hammers out a relentless and sometimes mesmerizing beat. But just when you think you have them sussed, out comes a remarkably mellow acoustic piano piece like The Victim. The band is anchored by Greg Atkinson's skilled and expressive guitar riffs and Sarah Jacobs' vocals. An ictus, by the way, is a metrical stress often used in reference to Gregorian chant. Formed in Windsor in 2001, two of its members now live in Toronto. Ictus returns to one of its favourite haunts, The Avalon Front, 300 Ouellette Ave., on Sept. 24. You can order the CD for $10 from the band's website, www.ictus.ca. Rating 3 /5

- The Windsor Star - Sept 2, 2004

"Show Promo: Ictus @ the Avalon Front"

Imagine if Sue Hutton, the extraordinary vocalist for Toronto's multi-talented Rhea's Obsession, hooked up with Tool and you get an idea for the vibe that Ictus has created. It's vocals are beautifully lush and melodically sound, interwoven over a tapestry of emotional angst that is just waiting to orgasm. Brutally intense and devastatingly powerful, they are a sight to behold live as well as on album. Unfortunately, Sarah Jacobs and company have since moved to Toronto to pursue Ictus full time, but their heart and soul is still very much in Windsor. They return home this Friday October 28 for a special show at the Avalon Front. - The Windsor Scene - October 27, 2005


Vis Inertiae, LP, released 2004
Self Titled, EP, released 2005

Radio Airplay:

102.1 the Edge - Indie Hour (Lamia, Soma)
FM 96, London, ON (Lamia)
CFOX, Vancouver, BC (Lamia)
K106.3, Sarnia, ON (Lamia)
THE BULL, Wigham, ON (Lamia)
CKWF, Peterborough, ON (Lamia)
K-ROCK, Kingston, ON (Lamia)
THE ROCK, Windsor, ON (Lamia)
THE ROCK, Oshawa, ON (Lamia)
THE BEAR, Edmonton, AB (Lamia)
MIX 101, Prince Albert, SK (Lamia)
THE GOAT, Lloydminster, AB (Lamia)
CKYX, Fort McMurray, AB (Lamia)
ROCK 106, Lethbridge, AB (Lamia)
ZED FM, Red Deer, AB (Lamia)
THE DRIVE, Red Deer, AB (Lamia)
CIFM, Kamloops, BC (Lamia)
POWER 104, Kelowna, BC (Lamia)
HTZ FM, St. Catharines, ON (Lamia)
89.5 CIUT, University of Toronto (Nautilus)
91.5 CJAM, University of Windsor (Soma)
90.9 CJSW, University of Calgary
92.5 CFBX, Kamloops Community/ Campus radio
100.3 CKMS, University of Waterloo

United States:
91.1, Chapman University Radio
UIC Radio, University of Illinois at Chicago


http://www.newmusiccanada.com/ (Search "Ictus")



Combining haunting vocals, carefully-calculated riffs, and complex rhythms, the foursome known as Ictus offers listeners a unique change of pace from the rock and metal status quo. Ictus' sound is the product of tasteful songwriting and an enchanting contrast between the band's heavy rock backdrop and singer Sarah Jacobs' emotionally-charged vocals.

Originally formed in 2001 in Windsor, Ontario, the members of Ictus have been writing and performing individually since their high school days. Greg Atkinson (guitar), Jordan Ferguson (drums) and Jeff Meloche (bass) played in various bands throughout Windsor, but it was only when they started collaborating with charismatic vocalist Sarah Jacobs that what would become Ictus began to take shape.

Once the lineup was established, Ictus began to focus on songwriting, and started playing shows around Windsor in 2002. As they played more shows, their reputation began to grow as a band that brought something new to Windsor's sometimes stagnant music scene.

Ictus has earned a reputation for intense and emotional live performances. Audiences grew with each show, and the band soon found itself playing to capacity crowds in Windsor's live music hotspots like The Avalon Front and The Coach and Horses.

In 2004, Ictus released its independent debut, Vis Inertiae, gaining airplay on campus radio throughout Ontario and the U.S. midwest, along with the Indie Hour on Toronto's 102.1 The Edge. The band began playing shows around Toronto to promote the album, including memorable performances at 102.1 The Edge's Indie Club, The Rivoli, and the Legendary Horseshoe Tavern. Vis Inertiae has received positive reviews in prominent Canadian music publications like Chart and Exclaim.

2005 was an exciting year for Ictus. In addition to recording a three-song demo in Toronto under the guidance of Mike Turner (formerly of Our Lady Peace), the band was selected for showcases at both the inaugural Motor City Music Conference in Detroit and Toronto's Indie Week. Ictus also released the "Lamia" single to Canadian commercial radio and received extensive play across the country.

Ictus is now crafting new material with plans to record in 2008.

As Ictus readies itself to deliver its distinctive style of emotional rock to a growing number of eager listeners, fans of bands as diverse as Tool, Radiohead, Evanescence, and Garbage should prepare themselves for a sound that is entirely new.