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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Richmond, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Solo Hip Hop Soul




"Album Review - [i.D.]entity: Return of the Free"

This refreshing project, Return of the Free, rises in contrast to today’s backdrop of socially driven quilted plays with hysteria, violence, dis-ease, and fame-seeking in patches. Stop and breathe. Take in nature.

The Return of the Free breaks from current social commentary engendered paths replaced by stillness then reflective action. It is a signifier, remember when? With Musicality and poetry, the sound engineers an outward to inward journey. What is free? Trees with firm roots, flying birds, humankind’s longing to remember the very essence of free. Return of the Free, is a kind of poesis or unfolding free unencumbered by races, awards, notoriety, or such things. It steers to the reality of free.

The water connects something stable, consistent, and purifying. The human race, offers a proposition, everyone runs towards something; Running begs the question, what are we running towards? The project itself a tool ferreting out the peace of Free as envisaged by past artists. Parliament Funkadelic’s, Free your mind, and your ass will follow; Marley’s Redemption songs of freedom; Richie Haven’s civil rights call, Freedom, all beckoning dynamic change in clear pathways. This project poetically reawakens memory of life’s paradoxes.

As a reviewer, I noted the project’s aim-- to shift paradigms, a breath of fresh air. It provides a reprieve from the blaring discordant sounds of heart’s imprisoned, thereby finding a Return of the Free a thoughtfully buoyant chant. - Heart Witness


May 2016 - Perfectly Imperfect
May 2019 - My Offering to God
November 2021 - [i.D.]entity: Return of the Free



CHRIS JETER is a wellness advocate who uses creative expression and mindfulness practices to promote high-level wellness - an individual's active commitment to maximizing their potential. Chris actively promotes wellness through his roles as an artist, mental health professional, and yoga instructor. Each of these layers helps Chris deepen his practice of wellness and spirituality.


As an artist, Chris- known as i.D.; utilizes his voice to make observations of the world- and himself. These observations are rooted in Chris’ commitment to spirituality, mindfulness, wisdom, lifelong learning, and freedom. In November 2021 i.D. released his album [i.D.]entity: Return of the Free, which is a musical storytelling experience focused on i.D. 's journey toward freedom, which he finds through exploring, practicing, and sharing via creative expression. This album also gave rise to [i.D.]entity: The Journey Toward Free, which is a documentary that centers the process of moving toward freedom. Inspired by Nina Simone’s description of freedom as “no fear” and “a new way of seeing”, this film moves through the journey of achieving freedom, which [i.D.] describes as: (1) identifying one’s roots; (2) setting intentions to move through fear; (3) practicing the intentions; and (4) watching the love and support of community show-up and inspire continued practice. 


Chris began his Yoga Teacher Training at Faith Hunter’s School of Yoga in Washington, D.C. During training, he explored the philosophy of yoga, which has ultimately assisted him in finding his voice as a teacher and in life. As a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher, Chris focuses on personal expression and connection as ways to deepen both his teaching and personal practices. Flows & Grooves, Chris’ signature class, offers a space to invite creative movement, expression, and rhythm into yoga practice.

In August 2021, Chris graduated with a Master of Education in Counselor Education and has experience working with primary and secondary schools in the Richmond Metro area. Through his counseling practice, he has utilized mindfulness-based and expressive arts interventions to promote client wellness. Chris has successfully implemented a music and mindfulness program focused on building skills to effectively identify and creatively express emotions. His overall goal is to develop and implement culturally relevant interventions to promote wellness in the African-American and other communities of color.

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