Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Id:Powerful,funky and progressive.Highly energetic and but not too over the top.A refreshing blend of styles that exist almost at an angle to rock and roll.


This is a newly formed band originally conceived as a pet project of Scott's and draws from many different influences from being a professional bassist around Vancouver and the Kootenay region of B.C.Early influences include Led Zeppelin and Rush and also the Police and Primus.Other eclectic influences include Frank Zappa,Miles Davis and Antibalas. Id recently opened for Vancouver prog rock band Fen(Ripple Music).Scott uses a revolving cast of musicians including Colin Burke: guitar, Kris Schulz: guitar, Sam Cartwright: drums, Mike Tousignant: drums and David Popoff: percussion. Scott was recently in Cambodia for three months and booked a couple of shows in city of Siem Reap using some local expat musicians.


Id has released an E.P. entitled Other Worlds.One of the songs "1916" is also being released on a compilation album called 'Rock for Life" put together by Quickstar Productions,a small company based out of Maryland U.S.A.It features bands from Canada,U.K.and the U.S.A.More new material to come soon.Please check out for live streaming tracks.

Set List

As of right now we have about a 45 minute original set.Songs:1916,Dirty Little Secret,Other Worlds Parts 1&2,,Headline News,Modern Man,Lately and Face Down.The songs listed here that aren't on the myspace or the EPK aren't professionally recorded as of yet. Our setlist will increase as more new songs are currently being produced.We usually like to throw in one some covers of all styles as well depending on the situation. We like to do improvisations live as well given the right setting.