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street spoken,life learning,true facts,raw.rough,but still got that good feeling to make you tap your toes.


A group of young man born and raised by the streets of Houston,Texas.So with that said their musical heros are artists like The Getto Boys,UGK,Scarface,and other great old school h-town artist . An over the years houston have musical been through a change,but M.S.M. still remains to stay the same to what Houston music use to sound like and not todays music.The talk about close,car,drugs and other misc thangs.Although we support todays rap artists we tend to shy away from the rest a little.


A full chart of mix tape songs.

Set List

1.gettin money 6.clear it out 11.crown
2.back in da booth 7.walk with it 12.im tied
3.knocking 8.friends 13.don't give up
4.destin to shine 9.who wanna roll
5.g.a.n.g.sta 10.take it slow