Nordic music meets klezmer, arabic traditions and tango in a colourful world of dynamics, intensity and own written music. Ida&Louise is a duo that creates their very significant sound with voice, soprano saxophone and piano.


Ida&Louise writes their own music with a never lacking curiosity in different folk music styles from around the world. What first led them together was the common dedicating love to Nordic traditional music AND klezmer. Was it possible to combine these two genres in a new interesting musical world? Yes!

Lyrics in Danish, ornaments and scales from klezmer and a soft touch of the Nordic myths provides their very significant sound on the setting; voice, soprano saxophone and piano.

Louise Vase is from Denmark. Ida Gillner is from Sweden. They met in Finland 2009; The Nordic elements of the duo are very clear, but studying world music together at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, the world wide influences immediately got a certain place in their hearts. The duo released their debut album "Vilda Vinde" in february 2013 and has got great reviews both from Sweden and Denmark.

They are more than ready to spread their music and colourful shows all around the world!


Ida&Louise - Vilda Vinde (debut album)

Set List

Stille var du
Kranie og hænder
På kanten
Sommarsång i stilla tid och barfotadans på klippor
Arabisk polska
At finde vild