Idas, a solo performer who wears a kilt, combines his acoustic instruments and attractive, deep and versatile voice with an electronic background to interpret his eclectic compositions. Some songs are purely accoustic.


Idas is a half Scottish, half Franco-Italian musician, who is currently studying in Paris after finishing a law degree in London. He hopes that a great number of people out there will enjoy the synthesis of his various musical influences and imagination. He combines his classical music background and open mind to many styles to create a musically rich collection of songs. Faithful to his Scottish background, he wears his family tartan kilt when performing.


Dimension 23 album will be on sale in online stores, including iTunes and Amazon on 19th May. Some of these songs can be streamed on myspace, sellaband and facebook websites:

Set List

The set list consists of approximately 15 songs which take up about 1 hour. The majority of songs are from my Dimension 23 album. The rest are other compositions of mine as well as covers of songs written by groups such as Led Zepplin, Gnarls Barkley, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Lennon, Les Inconnus, Linkin Park, and The Beatles.