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Ideal Ideas

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IDEAL IDEAS are a band with PUNCHY, CATCHY, MEANINGFUL songs about love, hate, greed, and happiness. They don't believe that Rome was built in a day, so with this "ideology" and a powerful determination and motivation they hope to create something energetic, timeless, and magical...HOPEFULLY!…;-)


The band started when Vinny(voice & guitar) decided to record a demo using songs from his own imagination in his little studio in the WILD west of Ireland with drummist friend Keith at Xmas 2005. Willy, a longtime friend from Liverpool was paying a visit to the studio and decided to lay down some Lead licks onto this demo. Then there it was! Complete! A demo, but NO band! So after some long-distance phonecalls, Vinny got Willy and Keith to join forces with him to form "IDEAL IDEAS".

They have named the demo "The Bluestone Session" as there was a Rat Infestation in Vinny's studio when they recorded it (no lies!) and Bluestone Rat Poison had to be placed strategically around the premises. They had to laugh really!

They now have a bassist who goes by the name of "Larry". So with songs that really pack-a-punch-to-the-ears and determination so-strong-it's-dangerous-to-themselves their all set to GO GO GO!...


None whatsoever...Except a 5-track demo. (First 3 tracks are available for your listening pleasure right HERE!)

Set List

All our own songs from our own imagination. Typically a 25 minute set.