Ideal Way

Ideal Way


Ideal Way is an evolved jam band who bring good energy and sound with every beat, whether performing funky originals, constructive jams, or the occasional cover song. The band incorporates a highly eclectic mix of styles into its music, along with a dose of precise improvisation.


Ideal Way promotes peaceful celebration through egoless music. The band focuses endorphin-stimulating sound, while cultivating musical consciousness. This unique concoction of "homegrown space-funk" and positive mindset is what makes Ideal Way the ideal way.

In fact, Ideal Way derives its name from the location where the band first collaborated. By no means do they consider themselves "the ideal way" or even necessarily acknowledge that there is an "ideal way." But then again, one can never be certain . . . .

Ideal Way has been intoxicating ears and motivating feet across North Carolina. The band performs at bars and private parties, music festivals and gatherings. Roxaway Music Festival at Lake Toxaway and Incognito Birthday Bash at Deerfields, both in North Carolina, featured Ideal Way in 2006. The band continues to evolve its sound and expand its family, still staying true to that original good vibe.


Wood Between Worlds

Written By: Ideal Way

The Wood Between the Worlds

Verse 1
I think of nothing in this animal fest
I’m bothered by the billboards when I go home
telling my back-mind what to do all the time
I feel hammered by this spiked riving world

Now! if only for an instant
Now! in the blink of an eye
Now! image in the distance
Now! we’re going to fly
jumping through puddles of time!

Verse 2
I want to jump in pools in the forest
a distraction to extinguish the rain
falling headfirst in your already doom
let this be a praise I know nothing else to do

Repeat Chorus

Good Friends

Written By: Ideal Way



It feels like spring is here again.
Take your worries, cast them to the wind,
and don’t you give another thought to them.

Dancing like a thousand suns,
it could all be gone at once
like a vision turned to dust.

When this nation falls, we must look out for one and all,
because we are a tribe of friends.


Whoa-oh we have good friends.


I went into the promised land,
said I’m going to take this mountain.
They said it couldn’t happen then,

but every great nation ends.
It is only a matter of when,
but then who really knows.

And, when society falls, we must look out for one and all,
because we are good friends.



Written By: Ideal Way

Seven lost trees
great prophets of the past
rise and speak to our ways
this is their world as well as ours

islands float by on an ocean in the sky
bleeding color into the electric night
hold on to your hat
let's lose our minds as late rabbits

in each human is a whisper
muddied by the laughter of a fool
hate must fall off just like our tails
we will prevail


In progress...

Set List

We keep the element of surprise. Our sets consist of original songs and jams, usually lasting 1-4 hours. Occasionally or by request, we will play our arrangement of a cover song (usually 1-2 per show). We have performed select covers by the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Miles Davis, Steve Kimock, STS9, Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Van Morrison, Robert Walters, Grant Green, Medeski Martin & Wood, and Bob Marley, among others. We have also performed various traditional songs. Our sets can be adapted to meet the needs of the venue.

Current Ideal Way originals:

Creep Song
That One
Wood Between Worlds
Phat Craig
Waiting for Caleb
New Song*
Thank You Ras Liontree
+ improvisations