Chicago, Illinois, USA

An Alt Rock band from Chicago-land - releasing our 3rd full length album on Rotten Records entitled "Trained When We're Young" August 25th, 2017


Ideamen is releasing their new album Trained When We're Young on Rotten Records, scheduled for Friday, August 25th 2017.  This long awaited release continues to carry the bands signature sound laid down in previous albums May You Live In Interesting Times and Schemata while exploring a bit broader musical path & making it their own.  The overall vibe of Trained When We're Young is a vibrant blend of bi-polarism, from the dark hallways of "Cold As February" to the abject giddiness of "This Message", the stoner rock space anthem-ness of "Beg For A Plea" to "Rainy Days" with a laid back sound sopping wet & laying in a puddle somewhere on Abbey Road.  Whether or not you are familiar with Ideamen, you will appreciate the alternatively dreamy yet crunchy guitars, precise explosions of drums, finely crafted keyboard melodies, gritty driving bass, and beautifully arranged and layered vocal harmonies.

Ideamen hails from Chicago Illinois, formed in 2007 by Tim Swanson (Keyboards and Vocals), Mark Vasquez (Bass), Dave Solar (Vocals) and Phil Goodrich (Drums), and have since added Phil Miller and Greg Millikan (Guitars).  Their first EP Progress was well received by fans and critics around the world with its unique blend of Classical, Punk, and Salsa.  The success of the initial release gave Ideamen enough momentum to sign on with Rotten Records in 2009, releasing their first full length album May You Live In Interesting Times.  It picked up where Progress left off, taking a Queen inspired approach to the vocal production that would ultimately help shape Ideamens sound.  Schemata, their second album on Rotten released in 2014, encapsulated a mood darker than its predecessor, with reoccurring melodies infused with a tone of hopelessness peppered brilliantly throughout this masterpiece.

Ideamen has sold albums around the world and shared the stage with such artists as Foxy Shazam, Tub-Ring, Green Jelly, Psychostick and Civil Twilight.  The fate of the world may look bleak, but Ideamen will be carrying a torch & touring on the release of Trained When We're Young throughout 2017.

Trained When We're Young Track list:
Deck Of Cards
Beg For A Plea
Rainy Days
Cold As February
Fall From Grace
Frantic Avenue
This Message
Confidence Shattered
Right On
An Unreliable Historian


" Progress " ~ (Hole In The Plot Productions) May 27th 2007
" May You Live In Interesting Times " ~ (Rotten Records) October 27th 2009
" Retro-Vertigoid-Android " 2010 unofficially released Cover / Single

Set List

Ideamen performs anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes, hitting the audience hard & fast! It's a high energy show with colorful, piano driven melodic rock music with a bit of punk rock attitude.

There aren't many breaks in the set ~ jumping from one song right into another to keep the audiences' eyes & ears glued to the stage!

Depending on the set length, Ideamen performs anywhere from 7 to over 15 songs.

The band has a total of over 30 original songs & will play covers, which really shows off their ability to blend their influences perfectly into their own music & style.

Ideamen covers:
Faith No More
Mr. Bungle
Tori Amos
Weird Al
& many others.