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The future of independent rap music has arrived. Identical is the group you want to rock your crowd.



Born May 22, 1982 , in Inkster , MI Identical twins Santoine and Antoine Jackson have been musically inclined since birth. In 1991, the two decided it was time to share their story of struggle and street life through rap. Inspired by God, friends, love and fellow rappers Esham and The Dayton Family, it was then the duo became Hostile. The name reflected their “way of hitting the beat with such hostility”.

Hostile’s initial flavor mimicked that of Esham, Ice Cube and Eazy-E and used lyrics typical of the Geto Boys members as a basis for their life style. On a course for imminent disaster, the twins became engulfed in the street life which they so passionately rapped. However, upon the incarceration of a close friend in 1996 and the untimely death of another in 1999, Hostile reevaluated their lives and decided it was time for a change. But this change was put on hold in 2003, when the group suffered a major set back due to the incarceration of one of its members. During these unpleasant times, the brothers came to realize how important music was to them. Shortly after jailed twins’ release, the two decided to it was time for a change, and their entertainment company Neighborhood Music was born.

Since then, Hostile became IDENTICAL and has been unstoppable ever since. IDENTICAL launched along with the new web sensation, 
Interstate IDENTICAL, which is a web, based series that follows IDENTICAL all over the world as they grind their way to the TOP. IDENTICAL has been making a name for themselves in the music industry and gaining press and notoriety like no other group in Inkster , MI history. Equipped with an innovative sound, a unique flavor and a few hit records, IDENTICAL continues to make a mark for them. They are taking their rightful place in the music industry, which is among the stars!


Stash fada’ Drought, 2001
Welcome ta’ Inksta, 2005
Financial Situations the EP, 2007
Lose Control- Single (digital release), Dec 2008
Fannin’ Wit da Money (Cool Me Down) Digital release, July 2009
Interstate Identical-Web Series
Lose Control Remix (Digital Release) Jan 2010

Set List

Showmix set run about 9-14 mins

Put em up, Throw em up
U seein' it wit me
I'm doin' what I do
Fannin' Wit Da Money
Lose Control Remix