Lincoln, Illinois, USA
BandHip Hop


We are a group of young teenagers who are on fire for Christ!! God has completly changed each one of us immensely. We serve a God who is almighty and forevermore, and has a call and a plan for every soul who is willing to follow him. God has blessed us with a musical ability to rap and sing, we have a passion for Jesus and music, so you put two together and you have something big right???? WEll God has been speaking in our lives to help others follow Christ and turn away from their sins and run to their refuge who is our lord and savior Jesus Christ!!! As Identity we go around different churches,places, states and towns to spread the gospel or as we should say the good news of Jesus. I hope everyone who views this page can truly find your Identity in Christ!!!!


Moving on

Written By: Identity

Never gonna turn back where my sins are gone...were moving on