Identity Theft

Identity Theft

 Jackson, Michigan, USA

The band that comes to you later on, inspired by a little bit of everything given the range of our players. We are hard rock,soulful at times showcasing our lead singer, Audra. We sound like us, with that as the intention. We will rock out for sure, always working towards more of our own tunes.


Identity theft is a montage of self-taught musicians who came together to create a distinctively unique sound. Boasting a strong female lead AND female drummer, moving guitar solos and a bass that thumps, our music takes rock-and-roll, funk, a splash of blues, and translates it into songs that not only make you want to get up and dance, but that also can move your soul.
Identity theft have been playing together now for over two years and we have more than three albums worth of original music and a collection of covers re-worked to fit our personal sound. We have played for crowds of a few thousand at festivals, booked shows at local bars, been hired for private parties, competed in area "battles", and recently completed the demo for our upcoming album, "nothing to lose". We play hard and take pride in entertaining our audience with up-beat, live shows.


We have an independently produced cd titled Identity Theft live from the dub room and have recently recorded a demo cd which is available here on sonicbids with Nothing to Lose as our debut CD to be released shortly.