If you like big room textured atmospheres and chest hitting drums with a little personal twist, give me a listen.


From a naive influence to a professional ambition, english twenty two year old multi-genre songwriter and producer, Loren Moore, hears from both the listener and producer's side. Having starting music at age thirteen and writing since fifteen he has been producing himself from the start. Since taking producing and songwriting to a professional level in late 2010 he has worked with artists and bands in the DFW area of all genres and is quickly establishing his name in the industry.

Now having started IDestiny in mid 2012, blog sites and revered music sites began picking up his remixes and original work demanding more to feed the ears of listeners. After only six months his songs gathered over tens of thousands of hits on SoundCloud alone.
"‘Tired Of Waiting’ covers every component necessary along the road to making a remarkable bass anthem. If IDestiny is tired of waiting to be discovered, I’m glad that I’ve finally found this hidden gem." -

After covering several genres, aliases and many defining paths of identity in life, it's Loren's musical past, influences, experiences, and emotions taking form through his music.


"Not Over (Original Mix)" - IDestiny [Squirrel Records]

"Tired Of Waiting EP" - IDestiny [Ditto Records]
-Remix EP featuring MadMikey, Party Ghost, Aaron Wayne & more...

"I Hate Music (IDestiny Remix)" - Electrogressive EP