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Already earning respect for expert production and engineering for various underground artists, now Ide brings forth this manifesto of disgust and impatience with a twisted culture and reminds listeners why hip-hop is NOT dead. written by Getty Free


Beginning with a belt-driven turntable and a handful of vinyl in junior high, IDE, co-founder of the national hip hop conglomerate, the Creative Juices crew, has banged out beats for the last nine years. He is also an emcee, engineer and b-boy entrepreneur. Perpetually climbing through crates at local record stores with a friend who would become a DMC world champion, IDE initially shared his symphonic vision with the world in 2002, entering his first of many beat battles. As his record collection and passion for production swelled, he sought that ever-elusive, inspired hip hop community. He found Alucard. Together IDE and Alucard formed Creative Juices to fill the gap in New York City underground rap. Based where it all began decades before, the duo produced and distributed demos, created unique, graffiti-inspired album cover art and T-shirts, hustled promotions, and built a Web site that now receives more than 30,000 hits a day. Bolstered mainly by IDE’s beat-making abilities, Creative Juices quickly expanded as more and more indie rap heads wanted to get down. Today, consistent with what hip hop’s pioneers had envisioned, the crew tackles all elements, consisting of emcees, producers, DJs and graffiti artists. In addition to IDE and Alucard, Creative Juices is comprised of L.I.F.E. Long (of Stronghold fame), Deep and Ben Boogie of 2 Hungry Brothers, Save Messiah (formerly of the Fondle ‘Em-affiliated Scienz of Life), Proper, Getty Free, Caique, Kryptonite, Lush One and others. Their first official release, the Endless Varieties mixtape, has developed a burgeoning buzz, selling thousands of copies in a short time. IDE personally exhibits many of the talents that distinguish his team. He makes beats, engineers, produces and executive produces albums, and makes rare, energized appearances on the mic — on tracks and on stage. IDE made his first album appearance as an emcee on the Creative Juices posse cut "Italian Job," off Deep and Ben Boogie’s Frequent Flyers album. He also frequently appears live alongside L.I.F.E. Long, with whom he rocked a capacity crowd at Scribble Jam 2005. IDE grinds through his days bouncing amongst a number of projects all on the table at once. As an emcee, IDE is now recording an EP with DJ Connect of the up-and-coming Elite Fleet. As executive producer, he recently completed L.I.F.E. Long’s Cuts and Collabos 2, released on Raptivism Records. He executive produced and mixed Random Violence, the new album from Jak Progresso, and is collaborating with Progresso on a forthcoming concept album, Ancient Oak — Ye Old Wisdom. IDE is also working on a new album with Savage Messiah, and produced two tracks for Shabaam Sahdeeq that will appear on Strategize, the Rawkus album’s mixtape album with DJ Revolution, set to drop shortly. Expect big things from IDE .
written by Awkword of SubwayStyles 2006....

Since 2006 Ide has gone on to do more executive production, beat making, made radio appearances, many live performances (CBGBS, Galapacos, Knitting Factory, Bowery, Crashmansion, etc etc) and released his first solo album Force Fed. Recording several new projects, plus producing for endless emcees Ide will be releasing alot more material this year. 12' coming soon. Ide recently has recorded tracks with Jeru the Damaja, Pacewon, Yah Yah, Pumpkinhead, Critical and more. Plus Ide has a new solo album with Swedish producer DJ Connect near completion, the long awaited album with Alucard is being recorded, and a compilation is in the works.


Serpentine Movements

Written By: Ide

These painted picture portrait perfect
Distorted versions of mortal sermons
who slaughter virgins
fought there purpose
with swarms of slit throat slithered serpents
slippers tip toe through the rivers lerking/ not a word heard but imphamy/ the worlds greatest of mysteries
besides the mist from sees i see anamlies in geometric stoned obelisks
im lonlier than the face in cedonia
but these slit tounge slithered ones start to scheme in this common dream that repeats in patterns
prone to shatter me
i seek clarity but apparently
a piece of mind is the least i find
i great pharoahs who feast at triangle tables where we talk of matter and eat/ travel the sees
i got a second burst
like Javolin heat seeking missels
i got a beast who we feed fistfuls of human tissues
were doomed so sit still in rooms under lit moons and eat shrooms till its illl
but where will you stand when the shit spills (ha?)
boiling tar as we charge large enforced locked doors
marked in war chalk
chanting armed force
malatofs tossed
lines are crossed
as if the sign of the cross
as minds morph

but mines lost


We walk the path
while stoned and slashed
on the road with no turning back
burning flags
we earn the chance
to take a stab with out a knife
if your curious of this life
well show you what its like
how the real write
with steel mics
swords crossed
with shields shinned
dreams of empires climbed
just watch as i build mine

Alligned to the heavens
divine mind of a seven
design rhymes with my bredrin
sense the essence of time in his presence
your excellence
and evolutionary structure of universoul intelligence
get watched through your television
while i burn salvia
teleport with visions
im not trying to sell wisdom
"well hell who isnt"
slithered toungues seldom listen
their shattered lies are less than strategized
but they travel blind
with that on the side
i gather the vibe
light trees
constalate the northern hemisphere like a pices
and recite astro projection reflections of life
"these cats"
need to get their steeze back
climb the steep stairs
never relax but relapse
repeat chants in a deep trance
i sleep standing
breath tantric
and leave hieroglyphic keys
in tranzit tunnes that run trains
and sandwich slut hoes
in their fun hole
the winter brued slash sunsoaked
guns pulled
months alone onfold one bold soul to come dope
kill your whole squad and left one to run home so my story stay known

yea my story remains told

my story stays told

ide the shanty one
kill all the survivors
Ben Boogz
2 hungry brothers
not a man left standing shall pass
whitey mckracker
we wak the path
everything effects everything man
back to solitude with me

where i remain out of touch

winter 2006


Production Discography

01. Jak Progresso - Dumpsites
02. Alucard - Poetry in Motion
03. Masai Bey, E-Coli, Life Long, Zesto, Savage Messiah - Falling
04. Mazzi - Dip Dip Dive
05. CriticalMadness - Stay Sick
06. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Under The Radar
07. The Devilz Rejects (Bombshot and Jus Allah)- Necronomicon
08. Swave Sevah - Biohazard
09. Savage Messiah - Soul
10. Jak Progresso - Long Winter
11. Shabaam Sahdeeq - Liquid Dreams
12. Jak Progreso - Dead Heir
13. Life Long, Swave Sevah - Here We Come
14. Jak Progresso - Sock Puppet
15. Ide and Alucard - 5 Senses
16. Savage Messiah, Alucard, Life Long - Dream of Life
17. Savage Messiah - Right Honorable
18. Jak Progresso - Idle Time
19. Life Long - Cuts and Collabos Outro
20. Passwerdz - Coming From the Underground
21. Jak Progresso - Black Umbrellas
22. Ide and Savage Messiah - Haight and Asbury
23. Life Long, Ide, Alucard - Counterclockwise
24. Ide and Alucard - Psilosylum
25. Alucard Ide and Jak Progresso - Ravenous
26. Ide - White Lighters
27. Mr Lif - Brothaz remix
28. Ide, Alucard, Critical - Code of the Beat
29. Eddie Spaghetti - Spaghetto
30. Felony - Pain Hurts
31. Relz - Check your local listings
32. Alucard, Ide, Jak Progresso - Cirlce Breathing
33. Abnormal,Life Long,Lush One,Iron Solomon,Mazzi,Swave Sevah - Posse Cut
34. Ide, Savage Messiah, Jak Progresso - Superior Knowledge
35. Aesop Rock - Babies with Guns remix
36. Prince Ali - Galaxy
37. Holocost - ?
38. Steele (smif and wessun)- My soldiers

Appearances on the mic
1. Italian Job - Life Long,Ide,Alucard,Savkills,Dos Noun,Savage Messiah,Brix, Unknown
[Deep and Ben Boogz "Frequent Flyers"]
2. 5 Senses - Ide, and Alucard
[Creative Juices Presents: Endless Varieties]
3. Code of the beat - Alucard, Ide, and Critical
[Creative Juices Presents: Endless Varieties]
4. Theyll Never Catch on - Alucard, Ide + Destruments
[Creative Juices Presents: Endless Varieties]
5. Counterclockwise - Life Long, Alucard, Ide
[Life Long Cuts and Collabos Pt2]
6. Alkaline Mist - Jak Progresso, Ide
[Jak Progresso Presents: Dumpsites The unfound Dead Body Tapes}
7. Swamp Vapors - Jak Progresso, Ide
[Jak Progresso "Random Violence" ]
8. Special Opz - Life Long and Ide
[B side Arcana Records]
9. Meditation - Jak Progresso, Lodeck, Deep, Paramount, Life Long, Ide, Alucard, Savage Messiah, CriticalMadness
[Jak Progresso "Random Violence" Produced By Blockhead ]
10. Force Fed LP
11. Divine Kingdom Mixtape

Ide has worked with:
U.G. (cella dwellas), Sadat X, Jeru the Damaja, Yah Yah, Pace Won, Thirsten Howl the IIIrd,Shabaam Sahdeeq, Maylay Sparks, Steele (Smiff and Wessun), Bombshot, Jus Allah, Savage Messiah (Previously of Scienz of Life), Holocost, Pumkinhead, Will Tell, Blockhead, Domingo, Breez Evahflowen, Mainflow, Raze, Vast Aire, Many Styles, Savkillz, Deep and Ben Boogz (2 Hungry Bros),Bronze Nazareth, Planet, Respect (Perverted Monks) Abnormal, Iron Solomon, Jak Progresso, Alucard, L.i.f.e. Long, Mazzi (Soul Purpose), Mr. Sinister (formerly of the Executioners), Prince Ali, Swave Sevah, Critical, Madness, Relz, Felony, Lush One, Passwurdz, Unknown, Masai Bey, Zesto, E-Coli, and many more

Ide also had done voices for Grand Theft Auto video Games (vice City 2)

and also is teaching MPC classes at Dubspot in NYC

Set List

Ide generally performs a 30 min set or a 45 min set
His solo shows have had many guest features (Life Long, Jak Progresso, Alucard, Critical, Savage Messiah, Mista Sinista, Respect (perverted monks) etc)

Show Songs
1. Serpentine Movements
2. Project Blue Book
3. Chosen Few
4. Rabit Hole
5. The result
6. Never
7. Bounty Hunter
8. Field of Orbs
9. Hidden Network
10. Condemmed
11. Ravenous
12. Psilasylum
13. Caught in time
14. Coat of Arms
15. What Happens
16. Sucker Punch Music

plus new material