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"Reggae 3000 is coming!"

AlternativeInformant: You played at Houston Reggae Festival 2008 with legends such as, Sugar Minott, Elephant and Third World among many other how was it playing with legends like that?

Mikey Dub: It's a blessing really. The fact that we've had great opportunities for being such a new up and coming band. The positive response we had at the Houston festival affirmed why we play this music and can play with anyone and reach out to the people. We've also recently done shows with established bands like Groundation and Dub Trio.

AlternativeInformant: Where are you all from?

Mikey Dub: What makes IDIGNIS particularly unique is the mix of people. Our singer Aauzraam and bass player Dizzy are from Texas, elder dread Lee spent a lot of time in Germany but is from the U.S., keyboard player I-Jahman is from New Orleans, Louisiana. Our drummer Bobby and I were both raised in California, though I was born in Uzbekistan, USSR.

AlternativeInformant: Does your music have a message? If so, what is that message?

Mikey Dub: The true message of our music is ONENESS - hence the logo with the pyramid and the Eye. The third eye which urges the people to wake up and step outside of themselves, unite despite race, creed, politics, etc..., and approach the world with love and consciousness, especially in the troubled times in today's society.

AlternativeInformant: Your self-titled debut album is coming out soon what can we expect?

Mikey Dub: The debut EP, simply titled IDIGINIS - showcases the diversity of the music, with each song portraying a different vibe so people can see our range of songwriting and creativity. There are many more songs written waiting to be recorded, but we thought this would be a great introduction of IDIGINIS to the world.

AlternativeInformant: What differentiates you from other bands that play a similar kind of music?

Mikey Dub: One phrase: "ORIGINAL positive roots music for the modern era". A lot of 'reggae' bands these days, including very talented ones, choose to replicate the newer-school sound of groups like Sublime. On the other hand, of the styles coming out of Jamaica today is pop oriented dance-hall, with bling, ice, 'grillz', and booty shaking just like the Top 40 rap out there to try to top the charts with their 'hot' new single that people will forget quickly. No message, no consciousness, and no authenticity. Other bands feel like they can only play reggae by doing all cover sets of Bob Marley or other mainstream artists like Shaggy or UB40, to appease the party masses who have never experienced reggae music beyond their copy of 'Legend'. They don't go beyond. We incorporate some covers to pay respects to our reggae heroes, but again, the key words are 'ORIGINAL MUSIC'.

AlternativeInformant: Where did the name Idiginis come from?

Mikey Dub: IDIGINIS is a take on Indigenous - meaning native or 'from the roots'. The (I) again, ties in with the theme of ONENESS, the eye of the world watching and waiting for people to wake up and focus on reality. In Rastafari philosophy, the common use of 'I&I' actually means 'WE' - as in a collective, eliminating the self for the greater good of all. Even we all in IDIGINIS have different spiritualities and views of the world, the foundation of the music is based on the teachings of His Imperial Majesty Haile Sellasie I, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. However, as long as we all strive to live our lives with love, compassion, and respect for one another, it doesn't matter who your idea of a Higher Power is.

AlternativeInformant: Are there any artists that influence your sound and your music?

Mikey Dub: We all listen to so much music, and are collectors and enthusiasts. Our foundation lies in the legendary roots singers like Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, John Holt, Joe Higgs, Barrington Levy, and obviously Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Bob Marley and The Original Wailers. We also enjoy the more modern roots sounds of Midnite, Gentleman, Groundation, John Brown's Body, Jah Cure, and many others. However, our individual members tastes range from hip-hop, afro-beat, ska, jazz, gospel, classic to modern rock, trip-hop and Electronica, dub & dub step, metal, hardcore, punk, etc.

AlternativeInformant: Does where you’re from influence your sound and music?

Mikey Dub: The term 'you're a product of your environment' definitely applies here. We've all seen and experienced war, crime, racism, addiction, the widening gap between the haves and have-nots, poverty, and general human struggle. The lyrics definitely reflect that, and once people really listen and read the lyrics in the CD, it will be very clear where we're coming from. We're not trying to say we're perfect or above anyone else - like any other human being, we experience impulses of jealousy, greed, negative thoughts and ego.

AlternativeInformant: What does the future hold for Idignis?

Mikey Dub: Well, with our debut EP coming up, we're going all out to use our resources and network to break out nationally and eventually internationally. Jah willing, more and more people will hear the music and continue to respond positively like they have from the very beginning. We're being offered great shows, linking u amazing people, and looking to tour very soon to share our vibes with as many people as we can.

Blessed love and Jah Guide!!
Raspect on behalf of all of IDIGINIS

Mikey DUB.
- Alternative Informant - UK Blog

"DJ Klinch Interview with IDIGINIS"

Idiginis- Infant Giants
By DJ Klinch

I had an opportunity kick back at a rehearsal with the guys from the band Idiginis and was able to ask them a few questions. We had a chance talk about all different subjects, such as the reggae scene in Houston, band influence’s, future plans, shows, and more. I was so impressed with this band when I first came across them and I couldn’t believe that a big sound like that was coming from a reggae band here in Houston. Although Idiginis is in its infant stages of its career they are already playing like giants. Idiginis is a group that is just nine months old and has a timeless sound that is all their own. These boys are here to put reggae from Houston and the South on the map and then take it global. If you haven’t heard of Idiginis you will soon enough. The band is a collective of very talented musicians coming from all different backgrounds of music and culture. Even though the band has only been formed for nine months, they play with a chemistry so rich it can only be explained by seeing a live performance. A video clip of one of their live performances is actually what caught the attention of the television network ‘ABC’. After seeing a video clip of them playing live at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, the network contacted the venue to get a hold of Idiginis so they could perform on an episode of “Wife Swap”, which will air Oct 31st on ABC. The band is also slotted to play World United Music Festival Nov 16th in Austin, TX and have many more show dates TBA. This band is about the all about the music and it is very evident in their work. Idiginis plays with a smooth mix of modern roots reggae with a splash of dub while making a sound of their own.

Aauzraam- Lead Vocals
Dizzy Boots- Bass
Mikey Dub- Lead Guitar
Lee- Lead Riddim Guitar and Vocals
Boba- Drums

Klinch: First question is how do you pronounce your name?
Aauzraam: Idiginis… It started out as I-Dig-I-nis. But Idiginis is like your not born from here, that would be Indigenous, you know… so when you say Idiginis its like your in it but your not off it... its that simple.
Klinch: So where do you guys come from?
Aauzraam: Planet Earth (laughter in the background)...members of the human race
Bobby: (plays a rim shot)
Klinch: Are you guys all local from Houston?
Idiginis: Naw…
Aauzraam: We're from everywhere man.
Mikey: We got cats from San Diego…. I was born in Uzbekistan man...the USSR…Russia …I know we are all kind of world travelers. I know some of us have spent time in Germany… Kind of like to move around the earth…
Klinch: So your cultured travelers?
Bobby: Oh yeah
Klinch: How long have you guys been together?
Bobby: We are not even…what?
Aauzraam: We are just a baby... We’re not even one year old yet. You know? As a matter of fact we haven’t been born, because were not nine months old yet.
Bobby: Yup!
Aauzraam: We started in April (2008)?
Bobby: Yeah, we started in April
Klinch: That about the time I first ran across you guys, because when I first ran across your band. You guys didn’t have the Fitzgerald video posted yet.
Bobby: Wow!
Mikey: Really?
Bobby: Yeah, It took a couple days in between doing one and the next (uploading videos, and songs), but that’s actually was all from our first show.
Mikey: Yeah, it’s kind of moved fast since we got up on the social networks.
Aauzraam: Yeah, we’ve been holding on while steadily moving.
Klinch: So how did you guys get together? How did you guys come to this culmination that you call Idiginis?
Aauzraam: Um… these two (bobby and Mikey) were playing in a band called Texas Dub Crusaders.
Mikey: Supporting Doctor King Cobra . He has been around Houston for a while
Aauzraam: The bass player and me used to play in a band called “Cosmic Force”.
Bobby: That was a shit hot band by the way!
Aauzraam: Lee and I were working with some other people and they invited us to sit in with these guys, and when I walked in the door I knew there was something special. I told these guys that we will try this for a little while, and I promise to make you millionaires. (low laughter in the background)
Aauzraam: Yeah that’s what I told them really…. If we stay serious about…really serious about it….we will be ready before it’s over, but not money wise… Were not talking about a million money wise
Mikey: I thought you were talking money (laughter)
Aauzraam: You know were talking a million people…. A million plus people all over the world… that’s the dream (listening to their music)
Klinch: Well I think you guys are on your way…honestly
Aauzraam: Thanks man…I appreciate it man!
Klinch: I know you guys haven’t released an album yet, but when can we look forward to an album from you guys?
Aauzraam: Well…. We were in the studio last night… You know were trying to finish up the album, because people are have been hitting up the website which is . You know every keeps saying when can we get a hold of something, when can we get a hold of something… and we are moving as fast as we can you know ….ah… hopefully by the beginning of next year… the first of next year… you know we should have something out there.
Lee: And in the meantime the music is getting richer (laughter erupts)
Aauzraam: Yes, Yes!
Mikey: The record is going to be full on… it's going to be our debut EP
Klinch: You guys seem to be a really deep group, and have a lot of conscience thought in what you do. What do you want people to take away from your music when they listen to it?
Lee: Unity for all people…. One-ness… That’s what the “I” really is one.. I’nes which is one-ness
Bobby: Yeah that’s it right there
Aauzraam: Singing: “U-N-I-T-Y….U-N-I-T-Y” (laughter in the background)
Klinch: So what is the band Idiginis about?
Aauzraam: It’s about love
Bobby: yeah that’s it
Aauzraam: It’s about love… that’s about it there’s nothing else.
Lee: Each one of our styles our so unique, because of where we come from. Were like an oppressed people all these musicians … the musicians who were in other bands… and now we are so meek and humble… and we now we just want to play!
Mikey: We just want to play some good music and make people move and dance.
Klinch: Aright, So what do you guys think about the reggae scene here in Houston?
Mikey: What reggae scene?
Klinch: Hahaha
Aauzraam: Yeah were trying to open some eyes in that area..(chuckles).. You know we have been looking for it our selves.. So I guess were going to have to start it..
Klinch: There you go!
Aauzraam: Yeah we’ve been looking for it and keep seem to find it. We want to make sure that everybody knows that there is reggae from down south.
Mikey: you know you got folks spinnin it here and there doing Soca and Dancehall and were all good with that, but we want live roots.
Boba: Yeah there’s one other like really good reggae band here in Houston.. called Brains for Dinner.
Mikey: Younger guys but talent wise they are really good
Aauzraam: Yeah they’re really good
Klinch: So what do you guys have coming up?
Mikey: House of Blues in February
Mikey: We're really making a push. I believe Aauzraam used the term.. 08 is straight, but 09 in mine
Aauzraam: Yeah man 08 is straight, but 09 is mine. That’s the mentality you need to have… you know so it will be the year. So what we are doing right now is taking this time at the end of the year to make sure everything is online, make sure we have the CD finish, and make sure we have a package that is worthy of 09’ you know…. So that what were doing right now.
Mikey: So in January you can see us at the Meridian and then the House of Blues. We going to start off the year strong and hope it progress from there.
Klinch: Ok so I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I want to ask you guys one last question. If you guys could perform with anybody dead or alive who would it be?
Aauzraam: PETER TOSH!
Klinch: (Laughs) There you GO!
Mikey: I would even say Jimi Hendrix….
Klinch: Peter Tosh would be dope!
Aauzraam: Yeah Man
Bobby: That’s really tough
Klinch: Let me rephrase that… Who would you want to open for or play with?
Lee: Third World
Aauzraam: The Wailers
Bobby: Yeah the Wailers with Bob and Peter.
Bobby: Yeah man that would be impressive
Aauzraam: The Roots
Klinch: Wow The Roots, now that would be crazy… Well I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to sit down and politic with you. I cannot thank you enough.
- and Boycott! Magazine


IDIGINIS self-titled EP with single 'Jah Kingdom Come' is set for a Spring 2009 release. Preview the entire EP on our Sonic Bids EPK. In the meantime, live tracks from debut show @ Fitzgeralds, Houston, TX are available on and spinning on several indie Houston and Austin stations, multiple online streaming stations (Live 365, Jump Radio, Last.FM, etc) and iTunes PodCasts.



As a band of Souljahs from different parts of the world, you are able to witness a mix of different cultures & ideas...

With Aauzraam's lead vocals & thoughtful lyrics, Dizzy Boots' heart pounding bass, Mikey Dub on lead guitar, I-Jahmon .keys and vocals, Lee on riddim guitar and vocals, and Bobby Drums keepin' it all on time behind the drums...


IDIGINIS has been blessed with opportunities to play Houston Reggae Festival 2008 with Sugar Minott, Freddie McGregor, Third World, Elephant Man, it was a blessed event.. The band has recently played dates with The Original Wailers, Ky-Mani Marley, Neutral Sisters, Dub Trio, Groundation and Pato Banton's Mystic Roots Band. IDIGINIS was also chosen to be a part of a taping for ABC's Wifeswap in Houston after NYC casting agents found the band online through MySpace, which aired in prime time on Fri, October 31st, 2008 to 3.34 million Total Viewers (Nielsen Media Research).and has recently aired January 09

IDIGINIS has been building a following fast - pumping out their mix of tuff roots reggae infused with rock and touch of dub,The vibe is growing and they are playing to larger crowds in their hometown of Houston. The band plans to tour extensively in the coming year, including the U.S. and offers from overseas.

IDIGINIS is currently putting the final touches on a self-titled debut EP with Spring 2009 release date. The five track debut will feature the first single "Jah Kingdom Come" - with a dub version serving as the bonus 6th track. Upon its release, the EP will be set for online distribution through iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, CD Baby, and more. The record was produced and engineered by MD Thompson @ Ivory Tower Studios in Houston (The Midnight Pilots, Jack in the Pulpit, Victoria, History of Our Presence), and mastered at the legendary Lion & Fox Studios in Washington D.C. (Gregory Isaacs, Mad Professor, Midnite, Groundation, SOJA).

IDIGINIS hopes you enjoy listening to the music as much as we enjoy playing the music. JAH BLESS, JAH GUIDE, RASTASFARI