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1st EP [0805] July.03.2010.
First EP that suggests a solution to Korean, electronic music sound.

SEOUL SEOUL SEOUL –Single. March.06.2012.
Compilation album by the artists that represent Seoul.

1st Album [11111101] Nov.11.2011. 1st week December, 2011
‘Discovery of the week’. First official album that delivers their live scene



A bold sound that breaks down the barrier between electronic and rock music, an explosive culmination of wildness for those within earshot of their rhythmic beats, bringing the furious thrill of their performance to both live stage and club scene, they are IDIOTAPE.
What is Idiotape? An electro shoegazing band, an Idiot Tape or an Idiot Ape? Or, as MTV Iggy calls them, the result if “Cut Copy (not from Zonoscope but from Lights & Colours), Daft Punk, and Chrome had a South Korean baby.” No matter the meaning of their name, IDIOTAPE is a bravery of sound and music composed of DGURU, ZEZE and DR.
Deftly forging sound from analogue synthesizers and percussion instruments, and characterized by dynamic real-mix, the trio transform sound, dissolve it and reassemble it in perfect craft. Their live performances are unique, infused with an intensity of attitude and colour all their own. Through their skill at music, they spin their way into the hearts of the masses.
IDIOTAPE is influenced by Korea’s own sounds. From the traditional to old rock, IDIOTAPE melds the nation’s musical motifs into their work to create a musical style of their own. The trio is not concerned with genre, and holds no prejudice towards various classifications of music. They know that all music is one. They delve into its every strain to explore and find the musical elements that go into their pulsing, electrifying tracks.
Starting from 2008, they have attained high esteem and a fiercely independent position in the Korean electronic scene. They have performed internationally since 2011, beginning with SXSW in the USA, CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK and SUMMER SONIC 2011 TOKYO.
Regardless of time and locale, IDIOTAPE captures the ears and hearts of thronging festival goers within the first few seconds, attesting to the power and attraction of their music.