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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Idiot Glee - All Packed Up (IGIF Premiere)"

"...Idiot Glee emits a classic pop zeal similar in style to Brian Wilson."


- I Guess I'm Floating

"Kentucky Fried Psychedlia Part 1"

"...the unpolished cadence and hypnotic loops are what really makes Idiot Glee distinct, keeping the sun-bleached psychedelia slightly askew at all times. Friley slays all the chillbrocore artists (i.e. Neon Indian) that the blogosphere’s currently chubbin’ for."

link - The Decibel Tolls

"REVIEW: Evangelicals w/ Holiday Shores and Idiot Glee"

"...I was able to catch the last few songs he played for the evening, and I think you should watch this guy. Well, you should listen to him too, because that’s what you do to hear music. Check him out over at his myspace and keep track of it, he’s going places."

link - Backseat Sandbar

"Idiot Glee"

"… Je pourrais un jour laisser d’autres s’en charger, je ne finirais pas totalement idiot, j’aurais présenté Idiot Glee…."

Translation through link (basically)

- Delicious Scopitone

"I Like It, I May Not Like It"

"...this song swims lazily up where the sky starts, floats up past the rooms like laundry steam, and swirls up the silence like a ribbon of colour."

link: - Said The Gramophone


Re posted from Said The Gramophone and also Fluxblog

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"Idiot Glee. Calma, não é a série"

All Packed Up - Idiot Glee

link: - MTV Brazil dot com

"New Idiot Glee - All Packed Up"

"..Idiot Glee is Lexington’s first foray into the Panda Bear/Neon Indian sort of layered compositions. Gotta say, it’s a home run. “All Packed Up” sounds like a demo Noah Lennox might have whipped up to remember how he feels as he drifts off to sleep. Fantastic track that’s got me itching to hear more from him.."

link - You Ain't No Picasso

"That's Cos I'm A Guy"

"Harmony vocals usually imply the presence of others, but the wordless moans and spare keyboard accompaniment in this song just make the lead singer sound so incredibly lonely and isolated as he sings about processing a painful unrequited love. He’s trying hard to hold it together, to accept that what he wants so badly is just never going to happen, but his stoicism barely contains his raw agony, bitter disappointment, and bruised ego."

link - Fluxblog

"Idiot Glee - All Packed Up"

There's probably a point when all of this resigned, folk-ish chamber pop will slow down to such a degree that while you're listening to it the relative speed of everything else will speed up, and thus, mankind and blogs will have achieved the ability to travel through and master time. Recording artist James Friley is moving us towards that glorious day with "All Packed Up" from his project Idiot Glee. The next time you come home after a hectic day and just want to wind down with some cough syrup and Golf Channel on mute, this would probably compliment all of that very nicely.

link - Prefix Mag


split cassette
7inch ep in 2010



pop music inspired by brian wilson and brian eno