Idiot Nephew

Idiot Nephew


an orgasmic explosion of electrically induced cosmic sound. Idiot Nephew weaves a journey of epic purportions propelling the listener from the darkest regions of their mind to a higher form of enlightenment previously thought unreachable


Formed in the summer of 2006, Idiot Nephew is a band based out of Vancouver, originally formed in Chilliwack, they have set out to become the saviours of rock. When guitarist Trevor Sawatsky joined forces in middle school with Synth/keyboardist Paul Major, they began their journey which was given life when drummer Matt Helie entered the picture opening the doors to an unexplored realm of electric temptation.



Set List

on average 35 - 40 minutes, 1. sirens 2. wired skin 3. E.Q. 4. Haiku 5. Rory