The Idiot
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The Idiot

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Pop Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



""Here Comes the Idiot""

"If you been following me or the AOMC for a while now, you’ve certainly heard the name Theo Wilson come up every now and again...He’s one of those people that’s infuriatingly brilliant at everything he touches – you name it, music, film, directing, acting, graphic design, and costuming – this kid doesn’t play around. And now he’s coming to New York. I very rarely can tell what Mr. Wilson will do next, and even more rarely understand the synapses that have fired to get him there, but i’m always always always impressed.... Whatever he’ll be producing, Mr. Wilson brings both thorough critical approach and un-fakeable talent to the table. Consider yourself warned."
-Sarah AO Rosner, The Urgent Artist - The Urgent Artist: Media, Meta, Mess


The Idiot's first album, "JUVENAL!A," was released on the independent label Sonatine, December 2010. It is available on iTunes.



the IDIOT:
bitch, harlequin

performing alias of Theodor Wilson

The IDIOT is the alias of Theodor Wilson, a performing artist living in Brook lyn, NY. He calls his style of music “ElectroDrama,” because it combines trashy electronic riffs with melodramatic nar­rative, and because his live shows incorporate theatrical devices.

Related genres include post-punk cabaret, new romantic, and industrial pop. Wilson is a trained pianist and occasionally performs acoustic versions of his electronic numbers.

The Idiot has referred to his persona as a “grotesque bitch,” and a “harlequin.” In concert, as well as in promotional appearences, he often wears articles of womens clothing, notably high-heeled shoes, but insists he is not a drag queen, and that drag is “it’s own medium, with it’s set of own rules.” How­ever, The Idiot does perform under the rap alias, “Ham Samwich,” a self-described drag queen to end all drag queens, whose numbers often appear in the Idiot’s live act.

The Idiot released his first official album, called “JUVENAL!A,” in 2010. The title is a mispelling of the word juvenilia, meaning “works produced by an author when still young.” When asked why he chose to mispell the word , Wilson said that “I’m supposed to be an Idiot, and it’s supposed to be juvenilia. If I spelled it right, everyone would think I was full of shit.”


[SOUNDS LIKE] kate bush, nine inch nails, peaches, cornelius, maria callas, the seven dwarves, the whimsical beatles
[LOOKS LIKE] a train wreck, a tall dark greek male crackwhore.
[RECURRING THEMES] toxic love. revenge.

// FAQ:

WHO is THEODOR WILSON? A 23 year old fag in brooklyn.
WHY did he choose the name “THE IDIOT”? Because he’s an idiot.
WHAT is “IDIOTSAYSYES”? — A slogan to direct internet searches toward this particular Idiot. But also, a general inducement to open your arms, heart, and mouth, to what ever the world tosses your way.

WHAT ARE THE IDIOT’S PERFORMANCES LIKE? — The Idiot generally performs three kinds of set:

1. A loud electronic track act, w. no live instruments, for club/dance venues, and more demanding, dis in ter ested crowds,
2. A subdued piano/keyboard set for acoustic venues, or where live piano is available.
3. Or a combination electronic and piano set, for shows in the 45+ minute range.

He is generally very high energy, and tends to speak and relate directly to the audience.