idle minds

idle minds

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We are a rock rap - hip hop - punk - funk- reggae metal band with a wide range of influences. We are loud and obnoxious. We are definitely a live band.


the idle minds were formed in the Fall of 2005. We laugh, we cried, we made some music. Before taking the stage for the first time in May of 06, we recorded our first ep together, entitled, "stems & seeds". Mostly handed out for free, or sold for a measly $3, we roughly moved through about 100 cd's before some line-up shifting took place. We lost our bass player and lead vocalist. Dreddy then took the stage as our front man. We are now on our third bass player, Nate Wing, and we feel that he is the one we have been searching for.

Our influences come from many different places. Six members each with different backgrounds makes for an interesting tasty mix. From 311 to the Roots, Snot to Run DMC, Incubus to Diesel Boy, Guttermouth to Led Zepplin. There are just too many to list. Add in some drums'n'bass and sampling by Lincoln's best jungle dj, and you get a mix that has been described as, "all the things that were good about Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit".

We have played with tons of local Nebraska bands, as well as opening for the likes of (hed)pe, Psychostick, Afroman, Rehab, Authority Zero, and the Crazy Anglos.

We are now at work on our first full length album, as yet untitled. We have a 4 song EP out and are currently working on the full length album!


stems & seeds ep 2006
Just Happen ep 2008

Set List

Our typical set is about an hour. Which includes
Reggae intro
Song in the 'Tween
Chaotically Drifting
Hear This
Act Right
Fall Out

Covers: Our first cover isn't a total cover. We have made a punk-rock remake of Run DMC's "You Be Illin' ". Our own original music to the lyrics.

My Balls - Snot