Idle Mirth

Idle Mirth


Strong lead vocals like Sinead O'Connor + P.J. Harvey with some Kristin Hersh in it. Guitar and bass loaded creative use of effects. The sound is remniscient of early alternative music with some funk and classic rock to it. I have not heard anything else quite like it.


Idle Mirth began when David Lee answered an ad that Charlene put in the local weekly, Everybody's News. In '94 she joined his band, then called Middle Earth. In '96, Charlene moved to Tucson, but never found the musical kinship there that she had with David. They kept recording together, with David writing the music and sending 4-track tapes to Charlene, which she filled with vocals. Their first 10 songs were recorded via the USPS. By 1999 Charlene was ready to come "home" and record with David, renaming the band Idle Mirth. William joined Idle Mirth in 2001 out of his love of the music and his love for David and Charlene. In 2004 Patrick Deem joined on drums to complete what has become an extraordinary rock band.

David is a pianist by training, but a guitarist by will and love. His sounds are constantly changing as he is quite an explorer and adventurer in music writing. His influences have been such artists/bands as REM, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, and Pink Floyd. William is a guitarist and bass player and is extraordinary in both areas. His skill is amazing, and his taste is impeccable. He adds some lighthearted fun and groove to the live show, and his contribution to the music is utterly priceless. His influences include Sly and the Family Stone, the Rolling Stones, Jimmi Hendrix, and Parliament.

David has gone so far as to build his own pedals, and his songs are never without a strong and identifiable personal sound. When you hear a David Lee arrangement, you know it's his.

Charlene is an earnest and honest singer and lyricist. Her voice is strong, sultry, sometimes haunting, sometimes playful, sometimes sweet. Her influences include Kristin Hersh, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Talking Heads, Throwing Muses, and Neil Young.



Written By: Charlene/Idle Mirth

It doesn't matter to me if you know me now or knew me then.
I let go of yesterday like a hot coal.
I'm like oil on water slipping on by and I'm breathing fine.

Maybe you're weak and I'm heavy?
Maybe you're lost and I'm around?
Maybe I'm fast forward,
and you need to rewind.
And that's just fine.

There's no telling what goes on in your mind--or how God got in there and twisted your wires?
But I'm on to right now and later is picking the locks.
And I'm not stopping now to figure you out.
You know me. You knew me all along.

I can let you go. Be however you need to be. I'll be walking on...
on hot coals.

Maybe you're cleaning up and I am a mess?
Maybe you're sad enough and I feel like a frown?
Maybe you're lost when I'm around.


Written By: Charlene/Idle Mirth

The ratio remains the same. It doesn't change.
A few care for the whole while most Dog eat Dog and anything else.
They're trying to tell me that they've Discover(tm)ed
here comes a comet
to kill us all.
I think they're urging me
to give up and just buy these things to give me peace and security and some self-esteem.
There's nothing worse than to be ugly, even in the face of
what is about to come raining down on us to kill us all.
But see how smart they are to make you feel smart for buying their garbage?
They're trying to tell you they had no ideathis stuff is toxic enough to kill us all.
You think you watch?
They are who watch you.
You think you own those?
Those things own you.
Your self-esteem is not good for the economy.
You've got to buy these ...
(wake up)
Annonymous voices testify: without this you will die alone.
They're making it worth it.
Do you deserve it?
Wake up!


Written By: Charlene/Idle Mirth

Funny how raining and storming used to scare me. Now it takes an avalanche to wake me up.
I am progressively disenchanted, disinterested at best.
You know what I mean, when everything seems meaningless. When money and sex, they just bore you to death.
I am progressively disenchanted, disinterested at best.
You know what I mean, when every day seems furious.
I'm tired, I'm praying, something move me.
I am progressively disinchanted and disinterested.
So dry water cannot whet.
So sober whiskey can't waste me.
So calloused brick can't exfoliate.
The lost anticipation.
Losing the patience.
Losing the maybe.
Move me.


We have had two songs released on Skipping Discs: "My Eyes Have Seen You," on the CD "Love Her Madly: New Women artists Cover the Doors;" and "Another World," on the CD "Different for Girls: Women Artists and Female Fronted Bands Cover Joe Jackson."

Idle Mirth - a self-titled 6-song EP released on our own What About Records? label.

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Set List

95% originals - We don't do many covers besides those recorded for tribute CDs, but those we have done sometime in the past are: "Can't Find my way Home" (Blind Faith) and "Friends" (Led Zeppelin) and "Sundrops" (Kristin Hersh) .

Our set list is about 16-20 songs. Sets are about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Set list:
Tomorrow, Today, Yesterday
Doug's Nipples
I'm Not Pushing
Fear of What they Know
Grand Museums
Traffic in the Alley
Romance to Me
Smaller Things
Eating Habits
Foot Fetish